Month: November 2019

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3 Reasons You Should Always Be Getting Feedback

Most of us have worked somewhere feedback was really only solicited and welcomed once a year. Maybe that took the form of a survey sent to all employees — or came in the form of a manager asking you about your experience as part of your annual review. But is asking for feedback so rarely really effective? The answer is a decisive “no.” In fact, even asking for feedback on a quarterly basis may not provide the opportunity for employees to truly offer their insight about your company, their…

WorkHound recognized

WorkHound Recognized for 3 Unique Awards

In an exciting trio of events, WorkHound has been recognized as the 2019 Startup of the Year in Chattanooga, a second-time finalist for the Spirit of Innovation Award, as well as a first-time ranking on the FreightTech 100. During the Annual Startup Week in Chattanooga, Workhound, a real-time feedback platform for front-line workers, won the top prize at the StartupWeek awards celebration. "Our goal is to give workers a voice and to give companies an insight to understand their people's issues…