Month: February 2020

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Why WorkHound Chose Text Messaging

When WorkHound was just an idea, we thought through a variety of ways to ask for driver feedback. So, today we're sharing how and why WorkHound chose text messaging as a feedback platform. In today’s world, most of us communicate via text message, and that’s especially true when we’re traveling. It’s almost always easier to reply quickly to a text, rather than taking time to make a phone call or to answer one. It’s only natural, then, that it would be easiest for truck drivers to provide…

TCA in Orlando

Visit WorkHound at TCA Annual Convention in Kissimmee

Visit WorkHound at TCA. Get a firsthand look at how WorkHound will improve your retention strategy at this year’s Annual TCA Convention from March 1-3, 2020 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center. WorkHound is a real-time feedback platform that retains drivers before they call it quits. Learn about how it works and how it will positively impact your bottom line by visiting Booth #411 at TCA’s Annual Convention. Want to jump to the front of the line? Schedule a free consultation…


Praise: A New Theme

An exciting result of the 2019 feedback trend analysis was the creation of a new comment theme. Historically, WorkHound comments have been categorized within 12 themes. As a discovery within the trends across thousands of comments, our researchers could see a common trendline across positive comments. These comments are different from other comments in some interesting ways. Positive comments tend to be more about the general work experience. These comments are about the work as a whole, rather…