Month: March 2020

Working from home

The Overnight Switch to Working from Home

As most of the country is working from home, there's a lot of talk about how to have the most productive days at home. There are plenty of benefits to working from home, it just takes some adjustment. And thanks to thought leaders who've cracked their code on what working from home looks like for them, you can find lots of great advice out there about what to do before you leave your bedroom, when to wake-up, even when to put pants on.  But here’s the thing, for most business leaders and…

An Analysis of Driver Feedback about COVID-19

In an effort to continue sharing transparent information about what we’re seeing in driver feedback, our team of experts has dissected this analysis from WorkHound driver communications. This analysis is based on the review of 1,954 comments in March as of 3/23/20. Some comments fall into multiple categories, thus the categories in the report will not equal 100%. To access this report, click the button below.

worker in isolation

How Truck Drivers Handle Isolation

Social distancing. Quarantine. Sheltering in place. These days we’re learning all sorts of new terms that all boil down to the same thing — more time spent alone or in the company of just our immediate family. This isolation is unfamiliar to many of us. Even those who live alone typically leave home and interact with others face-to-face on a regular basis, allowing a bit of social interaction. But right now, we’re urged to stay at home, cutting those social interactions out. While that’s an…

communication strategy

A COVID-19 Trucking Communications Guide

We’re in the business of communication and while we can’t solve all of the challenges related to COVID-19, we can help provide the driver’s perspective and clear up their confusion with more effective communication. Today, we're providing a guide to tackling a communication strategy in the wake of this unprecedented time in history.  First, we'll share proactive communications to help provide empathy for drivers on the frontline. These are communications that you can share right now. And then…

Covid-19 Confusion

Collecting Feedback about COVID-19

This is an unprecedented and confusing time. We want to help. We aren't doctors, and we can't solve the disruptions that the global supply chain is experiencing, but we can give you data.  A Theme for COVID-19 On our customer’s dashboards, we have begun categorizing comments with a new theme. This theme will highlight any comment referring to the current Coronavirus situation with the goal of giving users direct access to the insights, questions, concerns, and suggestions workers are sharing…

hands reading online feedback

Take Control of Your Online Identity

Last week, WorkHound and HireRight co-hosted a webinar about taking control of your online identity. You can access the webinar here. Online Review Outlets are easy to access and free. Workers can log on instantly to share a recent episode or to “warn” others about their employer or a previous employer. The comments are raw and unfiltered. When a driver moves on, they have the opportunity to publicly unleash dirty laundry on Glassdoor and Indeed and Twitter and Google reviews.  But managing…

ask a question

Why Do We Ask One Question?

In case you haven’t heard, we only ask one question. And there’s a significant reason for that. We learned long ago that sticking with a simple, open-ended question elicits feedback about a variety of topics. That means that you’re truly understanding what’s on the mind of each of your drivers, not simply what’s on their mind about a specific topic.  When it comes to hiring and retention, that type of feedback offers tremendous benefit — helping you solve situations and concerns for individual…