Month: November 2020

show drivers you're thankful

How to Show Drivers You're Thankful

Thanksgiving may mark the start of the holiday season, but it also serves as an important reminder — gratitude is a key component of a strong company culture. How can you show drivers you're thankful for their work this year? You may have had an idea about what your drivers need and want when you reach the holiday season in a “normal” year. But 2020 is far from normal; needs and wants have shifted greatly throughout the year and continue to evolve. That reinforces something that we firmly…


What Drivers Are Saying About Uniforms

It’s a question we get every so often from trucking companies: “What do drivers think about uniforms?” But while looking for an answer might be on the minds of company execs, it’s interesting to note that in many cases, it’s not a hot topic for drivers, unless it specifically is, say, in times of extreme summer heat. While uniforms would fall into the category of “equipment,” drivers have different priorities. They’re much more interested in ensuring their truck and its equipment work…

exit interview

Exit Interviews: Intention vs. Reality

Exit interviews seem like a good idea for businesses. You have an employee who’s leaving your organization, so why not gather information from him or her about what works and what doesn’t? Many businesses have some form of an exit interview in place, hoping to gather insights that can help guide them moving forward. While that’s a perfectly understandable intention, the reality around exit interviews is very different. Let’s take a look at a few scenarios in which exit interviews don’t live up…

feedback matters

[WEBINAR] Capturing the Crunch: Critical Driver Feedback in Q3