Month: February 2021


Heroes of the Hound: TransLand - David McCormack

WorkHound Customer Q&A: TransLand, David McCormack - Director of Operations In the past year, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trucking industry has seen tremendous challenges — and shown incredible resiliency as the world has learned that drivers are essential. And communicating effectively with them is even more essential. For TransLand, a premier transportation company based in Strafford, Missouri, this is a lesson the company has long known but that became even more important…

feedback program

How to Build Trust with a Feedback Program

You’re probably familiar with the “Pandora’s box” fable. Because of it, “Opening up Pandora’s box” has become shorthand for opening up a door and letting in troubles.  Occasionally we come across the concern that starting up a feedback program for your business can have a similar effect — opening up your trucking company for all sorts of negative feedback and repercussions.  But the truth is: whether or not you open up the so-called “Pandora’s Box,” the driver feedback already exists. In other…

feedback program

Feedback Program: Can You Set it and Forget it?

In today’s world, important tools in life and work are almost fully automated. But while convenient, automated tools and services offer their own set of problems. After all, who among us hasn’t selected an option to automatically renew a subscription and then promptly forgot all about it? While that’s a light-hearted example, it’s all too easy to automate a process and then neglect it, which can lead to less-than-optimal results. That’s especially true for feedback programs. There are definite…