Month: May 2021

Where things stand with truck drivers

Where Things Stand With Truck Drivers & the COVID-19 Vaccine

About two months ago, we wrote a blog that talked about how the COVID-19 pandemic drove change within the trucking industry and how it impacted feedback. Tucked in the bottom of that blog, we mentioned that one topic of feedback that had begun to emerge was how/when/where things stand with truck drivers & the COVID-19 vaccine. Needless to say, two months later, that’s still a hot topic. As more Americans gain access to the vaccine, drivers and companies alike wonder how to handle…

truck driver recruiting

Retention Starts in Truck Driver Recruiting

Long-term contracts are productive for both drivers and trucking companies, and it’s essential that retention is top-of-mind during the truck driver recruiting process. While retention is a hot topic in the trucking industry, it isn’t often the focus during recruitment.  The job market for qualified professional drivers is short in supply and we all know it’s high in demand. Drivers have the power to choose whether or not to stay long-term in your company. While we know that dissatisfied…

improve retention

How to Improve Retention

There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to improving retention. While driver pay is very important, communication is the key to developing a company-specific strategy to retain your drivers. Here are some ways you can use effective communication to improve retention.  Create open feedback channels Not all drivers may be keen to talk to managers on important issues. Creating and maintaining open feedback channels is the first step to improving communication within your company.  Some simple…