Month: January 2022

challenges in trucking

How Feedback Can Solve Challenges in Trucking

Wouldn’t it be nice if work (and, let’s be honest, life in general) were seamless and simple at all times? Trust us, we know that the trucking industry, in particular, is rife with challenges, especially in the current environment.  With that said, though, challenges within trucking and logistics overall aren’t insurmountable. They’re speed bumps rather than dead ends, so to speak. The first step in solving the problems within the industry is knowing what they are. Sounds simple enough, right?…

retention resolution

The Ultimate Guide to Your 2022 Retention Resolution

As we kick off 2022, let’s talk about setting a retention resolution. There's a ton of value in setting your sights on an improved company culture this year, and honestly, if that's not in your plan, why not? In 2022, we’re challenging the industries we serve to prioritize employee retention in setting their New Years’ Resolution --- it's good for your company, your people, and the industry as a whole. So, here's a toast to you and our ultimate guide (on the house!) to getting ahead in 2022:…