Month: April 2022

Image of driver standing in front of truck

The Future of Retention Is Referrals

The workforce fluctuations related to the COVID-19 pandemic and The Great Resignation have shined a new light on hiring and retention. Most industries are now facing some turbulence in both hiring qualified workers and in retaining their existing ones. But for the trucking industry, those challenges are nothing new. Trucking has long faced a persistent turnover problem, causing companies to seek new and innovative ways to retain drivers and to bring in new ones. What if we told you there’s a…


How a Feedback Program Can Help Companies Navigate Change

The saying is that “the only thing constant is change.” That’s entirely true, and change of any variety can be one of the most challenging aspects of operating a business.  Whether a company is facing change internally, like a leadership change, or changes beyond its control, like pandemic- or disaster-related issues or protocols, two-way communication is essential. Companies need to be able to communicate with employees, and they also need to be able to hear concerns and needs from employees.…