Month: August 2022

Inc 5000 list 2022

WorkHound Makes 2022 Inc. 5000!

We are very happy to announce that WorkHound landed in the top half of the 2022 Inc. 5000 list. Here’s what our CEO, Max Farrell, had to say about the distinction: “Throughout the past couple of tumultuous years, we’ve done everything we can at WorkHound to be the best partner possible to our clients, helping them glean valuable workforce feedback so they can leverage those insights into business wins. For those efforts, we’ve grown the size of our client roster substantially while also growing…

warehouse feedback anonymity

Why Anonymity Matters When It Comes to Warehouse Feedback

When talking with WorkHound customers, we often hear them say that offering their employees an anonymous feedback mechanism is a true difference-maker. That’s because, innately, most of us are at least somewhat fearful of providing employers with criticism or anything that might rock the boat. But while that’s a common fear, it’s not the only reason why people value anonymity when it comes to feedback.  Feedback programs that offer warehouse workers an anonymous method of providing insights and…

first impression hiring

You Only Get One First Impression With Drivers, So Make It Count

When it comes to hiring and retention in the trucking industry, there are a lot of moving parts. But your company’s actions have a big impact on whether drivers choose to work for your company — and whether they choose to stick around.  Why First Impressions Matter in Hiring Let’s face it: Hiring can be a “dog-eat-dog” process in trucking. That’s due in part to the volatility of employment in the industry, where drivers can uproot from an existing employer and flip to a new one seemingly in an…