Bay & Bay

Heroes of the Hound: Bay & Bay Transportation

When Bay & Bay Transportation teamed up with WorkHound to provide its drivers with a feedback program, they had three strategic goals in mind: The company wanted to curb turnover, promote growth, and streamline operations. It’s safe to say they’ve found success — even while navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated turmoil within the trucking industry, Bay & Bay has reduced turnover and grown its driver count by an astounding 30 percent.

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drivers workhound

Do Drivers Really Want to Use WorkHound?

The answer is yes. Read the blog to learn why and how.

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negative feedback

Negative Feedback Is the First Step Toward Positive Change

If your trucking company has never had a feedback program, the thought of implementing one might feel intimidating or maybe even a little anxiety-provoking. After all, no one wants to be the recipient of criticism or other negative feedback.

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5 of the Best Driver Retention Practices

In the trucking industry, driver retention is one of the biggest issues that trucking companies face, and if I can be direct, it's no surprise that a term like "best driver retention practices" has such a high search volume.

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How to Amplify the Silent Majority

Let’s just assume you’ve been on a “Zoom” call in the last year (who hasn’t?). Odds are, the answer is yes — so you’re likely familiar with what we like to call “conference call chaos.” When multiple people are on a conference call, there’s a lot of time spent accidentally talking over one another — and in some cases, louder folks tend to make up the majority of the conversation. Those who aren’t quite as bold may not be able to get a word in edgewise. Now consider this: This same concept can be applied to how you gather input from professional drivers and employees at your trucking company, unless...

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truck driver retention program

Companies Who are Nailing Their Truck Driver Retention Program

Truck driver retention is one of the biggest issues in the trucking industry in America. According to the American Trucking Associations, the turnover rate at large fleets averaged 89% while the turnover rate at smaller fleets was 77% in the first quarter of 2021. These high turnover rates are adding strain to trucking companies, from having to continually recruit and train new employees to adjust truck routes based on driver availability.

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unusual feedback

Why Unusual Feedback Can Yield Wins for Trucking Companies

While there are driver feedback categories that crop up repeatedly, such as issues related to pay or questions about equipment maintenance, we also get a good deal of feedback that falls outside of those parameters. And really, it’s that “unusual” feedback that gets to the heart of why having a feedback mechanism in place is so important.

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Heroes of the Hound: Storey Trucking Company

When you visit the homepage on Storey Trucking’s website, the company’s philosophy is immediately front and center. The carrier prides itself on being “The Human Side of Trucking.”

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why truck driver shortage

Why is There a Truck Driver Shortage?

There are a lot of reasons for the driver shortage. In this post, we’ll discuss why the driver shortage is happening and what trucking companies can do about it.

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culture of work for truck drivers

The Culture of Work for Truck Drivers Is Changing

In the past, the amount of time a car sat in the parking lot was often intricately tied to his or her value. Employees and employers alike saw long hours on the job as a badge of pride, a sign that they were dedicated and worthy of respect.

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