April 2020: An Analysis of Driver Feedback about COVID-19

Throughout April, WorkHound received 3,297 comments from professional truck drivers. 750 of these comments explicitly referenced Coronavirus, representing nearly 23% of all comments. This is an increase of almost 9% compared to March data, while total comment volume remained stable. 

Compared to the first half of April, the percentage of comments about COVID-19 between April 16-30 was down almost 10 percent. This segment was still significant, though, representing nearly 18% of total comments in these two weeks. The decrease in COVID-19 comments in late April resulted in higher apparent volatility of theme prevalence from day-to-day, so it’s important to keep in mind the larger trends over time. This decrease also suggests that feedback specifically naming COVID-19 will decrease as the global pandemic is normalized and affects every aspect of the industry. 

For the complete summary findings and breakdown of themes, the April Driver Feedback Analysis can be found in the link below:

Note: Analysis by Mark Ellers, Senior Customer Success Manager, and Corey Banks, Customer Success Manager. 

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