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How to Improve Safety in Healthcare

"See something, say something" is no longer an effective way to improve safety in healthcare, especially when workers aren't sure who is on the receiving end of their elevated concern. When was the last time you thought about how to make a meaningful safety improvement in healthcare? Did you know that employee-driven feedback is often the catalyst in the industry to push innovation and medical care forward? In many cases, those changes have their root in feedback from a worker’s vantage point.…

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3 Ways Healthcare Staffs Benefit From Regular Feedback

Employees in every workforce have concerns and feedback related to the work they do. But when you introduce life-or-death situations into that work, that feedback becomes even more important — and listening to and acting on it is vital. That’s true now more than ever before in the healthcare industry as frontline workers across the country grapple with an evolving situation and seemingly new challenges each day while facing the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter what healthcare setting your…

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Why Mental Health for Essential Workers Matters

The risk of experiencing mental illness as an essential worker is high — leaving many workers debilitated, unsafe while operating equipment, burnt out, or with suicidal tendencies. If left untreated, mental illness can pose significant threats to more parties than just the worker. Other workers, customers, clients, the machinery, and even the product are at risk as well. The damage in these circumstances is astronomical for everyone involved. But these aren't the only reasons why mental health…