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anonymous driver feedback

You Don’t Need to Know Who Said It to Solve It

All feedback has value. But there’s a tremendous upside to anonymous driver feedback — both for the employees providing the feedback and the companies that receive it. Despite those benefits, though, there’s still some resistance related to feedback that can’t be tied back to a specific employee. We get many questions from trucking companies about whether anonymous feedback will keep them from taking the necessary action to retain employees and reduce turnover. To that question, we say: why?…


Heroes of the Hound: TransLand - David McCormack

WorkHound Customer Q&A: TransLand, David McCormack - Director of Operations In the past year, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trucking industry has seen tremendous challenges — and shown incredible resiliency as the world has learned that drivers are essential. And communicating effectively with them is even more essential. For TransLand, a premier transportation company based in Strafford, Missouri, this is a lesson the company has long known but that became even more important…

feedback program

How to Build Trust with a Feedback Program

You’re probably familiar with the “Pandora’s box” fable. Because of it, “Opening up Pandora’s box” has become shorthand for opening up a door and letting in troubles.  Occasionally we come across the concern that starting up a feedback program for your business can have a similar effect — opening up your trucking company for all sorts of negative feedback and repercussions.  But the truth is: whether or not you open up the so-called “Pandora’s Box,” the driver feedback already exists. In other…

Driver feedback can make you shine.

Driver Feedback Can Make You Shine

If you’re reading this, thank you, odds are that you’ve got a lot on your plate. As an HR leader or fleet manager, you make your company shine.  Not to mention, you’re responsible for the challenging and seemingly all-encompassing job of hiring great talent — and then finding a way to retain them in an industry known for high turnover. Is that overwhelming? Maybe, but it’s also your time to shine. HR leaders that ask for feedback from their workforce become heroes for their companies when they…

engaged drivers

A Positive Correlation: High Communication = Highly Engaged Drivers

Hey there: New Year, New You! While most of us agree to and then forget personal resolutions within weeks of the start of the year, setting meaningful goals for your business is still a worthwhile endeavor. When you’re thinking about ways your company can improve in 2021, employee engagement is where you should start. For most companies, regardless of industry, a fully engaged workforce isn’t common, and this ultimately leads to an unhappy workforce looking for change.  While that may seem like…

2021 trends

Trucking Trends for 2021: What We’re Expecting

What will 2021 bring? Well, if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that predicting even the immediate future in trucking trends can be difficult!  But even though we know that everything can change suddenly, our team at WorkHound has seen some emerging trends in the trucking industry this year that we think will stick around.  One of those is based on a bigger trend outside the industry: It’s that e-commerce is on the rise. In fact, an October study found that e-commerce spending was expected to…

driver loyalty

3 Ways to Improve Driver Loyalty in 2021

If there’s truly been a silver lining in 2020, it’s that essential workers in the United States and beyond are getting the spotlight they deserve. That’s definitely been the case for truck drivers, who have long been an underappreciated asset in keeping our daily lives functioning. So if essential workers are the most valuable employees, how can carriers improve driver loyalty in 2021?  Retention is always a priority — and 2020 was no different. In fact, the American Transportation Research…

show drivers you're thankful

How to Show Drivers You're Thankful

Thanksgiving may mark the start of the holiday season, but it also serves as an important reminder — gratitude is a key component of a strong company culture. How can you show drivers you're thankful for their work this year? You may have had an idea about what your drivers need and want when you reach the holiday season in a “normal” year. But 2020 is far from normal; needs and wants have shifted greatly throughout the year and continue to evolve. That reinforces something that we firmly…

feedback matters

[WEBINAR] Capturing the Crunch: Critical Driver Feedback in Q3

annual surveys are dead

Is the Annual Survey Dead?

While it’s true that there are better solutions for gaining employee feedback, annual surveys are not entirely dead. No matter what industry you’re working in, odds are that you’ve filled out at least one annual survey. They’re a ubiquitous part of many workplace cultures, and most businesses start there when it comes to gathering feedback from employees. But is an annual survey the best way to get feedback?  In most circumstances, the answer is “no,” at least not without a companion tool for…