Remote Workforce

How WorkHound Serves You

WorkHound improves communication with remote workers.

By facilitating real-time feedback, we’re helping organizations gain an accurate pulse of their remote workforce.

Whether your team is newly remote or experienced work-from-anywhere regulars, you know that watercooler talks and open door policies are over.

How are you checking the pulse of your employees?

WorkHound gathers daily feedback from more than 35,000 employees across North America.

In 2019, companies retained more than 8,000 workers by being proactive.

WorkHound simplifies communications so you can get ahead of uncertainty and burnout, and ultimately, protect your bottom line.

We’re past the point of assumptions. If you’re ready to improve your company culture, it’s time to ask where to start.

Success Stories

Impactful, company-wide changes for 30k+ workers
8k+ retention opportunities in 2019

WorkHound Infographic
  • Simple: Your employees will receive a text message on their mobile phone weekly to provide feedback in less than 90 seconds – no app downloading required!
  • Data-Driven: Unfiltered feedback is collected in real-time to address urgent employee concerns and identify trends to take action.
  • Timely: WorkHound will get you up-and-running in one week, and will work as your partner to ensure progress.

Discover what an engaged, motivated remote team can do for your company.

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