How WorkHound Serves Your Industry

WorkHound works with leaders in the trucking industry that are experiencing challenges communicating with their frontline. When an open door isn’t possible, these companies have used daily driver feedback to address uncertainty and improve their retention by 30%.

WorkHound gathers real-time communications from more than 30,000 drivers across the country. In the past year, our customers have retained more than 8,000 drivers by being proactive.

Continuous driver feedback helps you simplify communication, address uncertainty, and retain your workforce.

We’re past the point of assumptions. You’re ready to take action to improve your drivers’ day-to-day, and it’s time to ask where to start.

We’re here to help.

How It Works

  • Your drivers will receive a text message on their mobile phone weekly where they can provide feedback in less than 90 seconds – no app downloading required!
  • You will see all feedback in real-time with data-driven insights to address urgent issues and identify trends to improve operations
  • WorkHound will get you up-and-running in one week, and will work as your partner to ensure progress.

Success Stories

Impactful, company-wide changes for 30k+ drivers

8k+ retention opportunities in 2019

Case Studies

Customer Stories

high-quality drivers

How to Retain High-Quality Drivers

As part of a massive company-wide culture overhaul, Roadrunner Freight began prioritizing retaining high-quality drivers by asking for anonymous feedback since April 2019. Adopting the mantra within their new tagline, “SHIP IT LIKE YOU OWN IT,” has led to increased service and quality to customers.

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driver feedback

Webinar Q&A: The Latest Priorities in Driver Feedback

WorkHound’s CEO, Max Farrell, hosted Nick Wakefield, VP of Human Resources, Driver Recruiting & Retention, and Charles Stallings, Jr., aka the Turntable Trucker, who Farrell rode alongside in his truck cab from Des Moines, Iowa to LA in 2015.  We’re sharing the questions and answers from real viewers of last week’s live discussion. 

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How Technology is Helping Carriers Navigate Change

Everything is changing. As the world is different now than it was two months ago, WorkHound and the carriers we work with are looking ahead to understand how the trucking industry will continue to change.

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Trucking Resources

significant driver feedback

What Drivers Were Saying in the First Half of 2020

Earlier this year, we took a deep dive into all the feedback received through WorkHound in 2019. From that information, our analysis shared what we found to be the most significant driver feedback trends heading into 2020. While that information armed trucking companies and those in the industry at large with helpful details about what drivers want and need, no one could have prepared for what was ahead in 2020.

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feedback increases retention rates

Fleetowner: Fleet takes driver feedback to heart

“For us, to recognize where we want to go culturally, we have to understand where we are coming from, and we are not afraid to show it,” said Brad Sowa of Roadrunner Freight. “No matter how unflattering that [turnover] statistic may be, it shows the progression. You can’t get to where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been, and we clearly know where we have been, and we refuse to go back there. That’s what I think this commitment shows.” 

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safety isn't just a data point

CCJ Commentary: Safety not just a data point; it’s a feeling

In the trucking industry as a whole, data is the focus. Telematics can tell us where our trucks are, how fast they’re going, whether or not a driver is wearing a seatbelt, and so much more.

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