How WorkHound Serves Your Industry

WorkHound works with leaders in the trucking industry that are experiencing challenges communicating with their frontline. When an open door isn’t possible, these companies have used daily driver feedback to address uncertainty and improve their retention by 30%.

WorkHound gathers real-time communications from more than 60,000 drivers across the country. In the past year, our customers have addressed more than 20,000 retention opportunities by being proactive.

Continuous driver feedback helps you simplify communication, address uncertainty, and retain your workforce.

We’re past the point of assumptions. You’re ready to take action to improve your drivers’ day-to-day, and it’s time to ask where to start.

We’re here to help.

How It Works

  • Your drivers will receive a text message on their mobile phone weekly where they can provide feedback in less than 90 seconds – no app downloading required!
  • You will see all feedback in real-time with data-driven insights to address urgent issues and identify trends to improve operations
  • WorkHound will get you up-and-running in one week, and will work as your partner to ensure progress.

Success Stories

Impactful, company-wide changes for 60k+ drivers

10k+ retention opportunities so far in 2021

Case Studies

Customer Stories

Bay & Bay

Heroes of the Hound: Bay & Bay Transportation

When Bay & Bay Transportation teamed up with WorkHound to provide its drivers with a feedback program, they had three strategic goals in mind: The company wanted to curb turnover, promote growth, and streamline operations. It’s safe to say they’ve found success — even while navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated turmoil within the trucking industry, Bay & Bay has reduced turnover and grown its driver count by an astounding 30 percent.

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5 of the Best Driver Retention Practices

In the trucking industry, driver retention is one of the biggest issues that trucking companies face, and if I can be direct, it's no surprise that a term like "best driver retention practices" has such a high search volume.

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Trucking Resources

make truck driving a great job

The 5 Essentials That Make Truck Driving A Great Job

Even though there are around 3 million truck drivers in the U.S., the American Trucking Association estimated that the industry would have to hire more than 1.1 million truck drivers in the next few years. That’s a staggering number. And considering there’s a massive shortage of truck drivers already today, that makes truck driving a stable career path. So how can trucking companies keep the drivers attracted to the stable career?

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feedback from drivers

You’ve Received Feedback From Drivers. Now What?

If you’ve read a few of our blogs or spent any time with a member of the WorkHound team, you know we’re big fans of gathering feedback (even giving it and asking for it, it’s a whole thing). Because it has helped us so much, we believe there’s tremendous value in offering professional drivers and other employees a meaningful way of submitting their concerns and comments.

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