How WorkHound Serves Your Industry

WorkHound works with leaders in the trucking industry to retain more professional drivers.

When an open door isn’t possible, these companies have used daily driver feedback to address uncertainty and improve their retention by 30%.

WorkHound gathers real-time communications from more than 70,000 drivers across the country. In the past year, our customers have addressed more than 20,000 retention opportunities by being proactive.

Continuous driver feedback helps you simplify communication, address uncertainty, and retain your workforce.

We’re past the point of assumptions. You’re ready to take action to improve your drivers’ day-to-day, and it’s time to ask where to start.

We’re here to help.

How It Works

  • Your drivers will receive a text message on their mobile phone weekly where they can provide feedback in less than 90 seconds – no app downloading required!
  • You will see all feedback in real-time with data-driven insights to address urgent issues and identify trends to improve operations
  • WorkHound will get you up-and-running in one week, and will work as your partner to ensure progress.

Success Stories

Impactful, company-wide changes for 70k+ drivers

20k+ retention opportunities so far in 2021

Case Studies

Customer Stories

stories matter

When It Comes to Building Driver Trust, Stories Matter

If you’re involved in marketing efforts for your organization — or even just somewhat familiar with your company’s advertising strategy — you likely know that storytelling plays an important role. When you’re trying to catch the attention of a customer, you have to tell a good story about what makes your organization different than the competition.

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Cheema Freightlines

Heroes of the Hound: Cheema Freightlines

We frequently hear success stories for companies that started with next to nothing and then grew into something significant. That’s truly the case for Cheema Freightlines, which was founded in 2006 with one truck and one trailer.

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Hometime for the Holidays…

It’s crazy to think about, but the holiday season is here again. While it seems like only yesterday that 2021 got underway, the calendar is quickly flipping toward 2022. And that means we're all thinking about hometime for the holidays.

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make truck driving a great job

If You’re Happy and You Know It…Share the Word

We see it all the time in the feedback our clients receive — while they hear from drivers who are sharing concerns and questions, they also hear from drivers who are sharing praise. That begs the question: How can you shine a light on those happy voices?

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