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Webinar – The Annual Driver Feedback Trends Webinar

Recruiting drivers is tough. Keeping them is tougher. That's why we're excited to announce the top trends in anonymous driver feedback from 2021 so you can have the insight to recruit and retain more drivers. Our research has indicated there is a lot going right in the industry, but we also know there's a lot of room for improvement. For this year's research question, we're drilling deeper into what "communication" means to drivers and where companies can improve their communication efforts.

Mental Health

Webinar – Mental Health and Driver Retention: A Panel Discussion

There’s no doubt about it: Professional drivers face some challenging and stressful circumstances, both of which impact driver mental health. Most days, they’re on the road, battling traffic, handling complex safety issues, and, in many cases, going it alone. This causes burnout and exacerbates seasonal affective disorder, both of which contribute to loss in productivity and turnover.

Melton Webinar

Webinar – How to Elevate Happy Drivers for Recruiting and Retention

Sign up for this webinar on November 16th -- Do you have so much positive feedback from your drivers that you just don't know what to do with it? Or perhaps: Do you have just one or two positive comments from your drivers and you know you need to do something with it but just aren't sure what that is yet?

Cheema Webinar

Webinar – Drivers & Dashcams: A Data-Driven Discussion

Sign up for this webinar on November 10. It's no surprise that drivers aren't big fans of dashcams and other in-cab recording devices. But we recently ran the numbers and have cold hard data to help guide the challenges associated with in-cab recording device installations. Quite frankly, the trends on the subject left us shocked.

milan webinar

Webinar – Ask Milan How to Retain More Drivers

Tune in to this free event on November 4 at 1:30 p.m. - Milan Supply Chain Solutions has been driving continual improvement since tracking real-time, anonymous driver feedback.

Case Study – Freightworks Transportation & Logistics: Keeping Drivers Connected

“When you lose touch with your drivers, you really lose something as a company,” says Joyce Siqueira, VP of Operations for FreightWorks. “I wanted to be able to have access to the drivers, their feedback, their input, and what was going on in their lives without it being filtered through anyone else. WorkHound fit that need perfectly." Learn how in this case study.

Case Study – Ascend: Give Drivers Less to Fuss About

Learn how Milan Supply Chain Solutions tackled driver turnover and retained more than 93% of revealed drivers an additional 30 days.

culture of work for truck drivers

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week – The Guide

In 2020 alone, turnover dropped by 23% which has helped with a net increase in driver count by 30%. So this month, we're inviting you to join us in celebrating their success AND boosting their expertise with a Q&A. Join us!