Replay: Train and Retain: How Dart Keeps Drivers for the Long Haul

In 2020, turnover trends showed that drivers who feel inadequately trained are very likely to leave. And when veteran drivers feel like new drivers aren’t properly equipped, they lose trust in their company.

In this discussion, WorkHound has invited Dart and Luma to share how they’re working together to ensure drivers are properly trained and approaching their jobs with confidence while creating cohesive retention cultures between carriers, shippers, and drivers.

Learn how Dart has prioritized driver retention through improving training and safety for drivers while establishing a disciplined and stabilized company culture.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How Dart uses driver feedback to drive training strategy
  • What kind of training Dart focuses on
  • How frequently drivers should participate in training
  • The impact that has been made

Tune in below: