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Why You Should Know Your Truck Driver Turnover Rate

Managing a situation starts with defining it. High truck driver turnover rate and a low retention rate have been consistent problems for trucking companies in North America for years. Large truckload carriers had a driver turnover rate of 92% in Q3 of 2020 according to American Trucking Associations data. It was 74% for drivers with smaller carriers. In 2018, when the big carrier turnover rate was as high as 94%, the average cost of losing and hiring a driver was $11,500 per position.  Some…

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Retention Starts in Truck Driver Recruiting

Long-term contracts are productive for both drivers and trucking companies, and it’s essential that retention is top-of-mind during the truck driver recruiting process. While retention is a hot topic in the trucking industry, it isn’t often the focus during recruitment.  The job market for qualified professional drivers is short in supply and we all know it’s high in demand. Drivers have the power to choose whether or not to stay long-term in your company. While we know that dissatisfied…

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5 Ways to Address the Driver Shortage in the Trucking Industry 

High driver turnover, low wages, unfair fines, and unpaid work are just a few of the causes of the current driver shortage in the trucking industry. But what can be done to fix this? Here are 5 actionable steps you can take to address the trucking industry’s driver shortage: 1. Improve Driver Pay This may be the most straightforward of all the points on this list. The lack of young drivers entering the industry is very likely attributed to low or simply confusing pay. A few things you could do…