Failure to address driver retention can crush your bottom line.

With a national average 95% turnover rate—at the cost of $8,000 each—driver turnover adds up fast.

Empty trucks are an epidemic.

For some companies, trucks on the sidelines cost $1,200 per day.

Constant recruitment isn’t enough.

The constant churn of drivers saps your resources and hits your wallet hard.

That’s why there’s WorkHound.

How It Works

WorkHound Infographic
    • Your drivers submit feedback, praise, problems, and ideas with you through their smartphones.
    • We distill that data daily into actionable, ready-to-use insights that help manage and retain drivers.
  • Your drivers feel empowered, knowing that their feedback is acknowledged, and you get the bottom-line benefit of a thriving, motivated team.


When your workers have the ability to give feedback, you’ll see results. But don’t take our word for it.

“WorkHound gives drivers who would normally remain silent a voice in the company. Through WorkHound we’ve been able to get suggestions, likes and dislikes from the ‘driver seat’. We have been able to make changes and identify the challenges our drivers face everyday.”

–Terri Lafayette Southern Refrigerated Transport

“Our partnership with WorkHound has reaped great rewards. In our business we work with a large amount of drivers we rarely see so WorkHound gives our fleet the ability to raise concerns, praises and ideas anonymously. We love the feedback we receive as it gives us the opportunity to get a better pulse on the most important part of our business…our drivers!”

–Brock Vann Matheson Postal Services

“WorkHound has allowed us to see UPT through the perspective of the drivers. We work closely with the WorkHound team to produce valuable content and open the lines of communication from the drivers to operations.”

-Holly Forsyth United Petroleum Transports

Discover what an engaged, motivated team of drivers can do for your company.

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