No two industries are alike. But when it comes to dispersed workers, their needs are similar. What they want to know is this: Does my company have my back?  

WorkHound has gained insights from more than 30,000 workers across North America to understand how to retain, empower, and grow a workforce. Our platform provides a mobile experience to gain insights from workers in real-time to provide your company with data to make impactful decisions. 

While workers’ needs may be similar, we understand the nuances of multiple industries to provide guidance on how to take immediate action on feedback.

The Industries WorkHound Serves:

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How It Works

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  • Your frontline workers submit feedback, praise, problems, and ideas with you through their smartphones.
  • We distill that data daily into actionable, ready-to-use insights that help manage and retain frontline workers.
  • Your frontline workers feel empowered, knowing that their feedback is acknowledged, and you get the bottom-line benefit of a thriving, motivated team.


When your frontline workers have the ability to give feedback, you’ll see results. But don’t take our word for it.

“As much as I would like to hire other companies’ drivers, I think that if other companies would use WorkHound, it would make the entire industry better. It’s an effective way to fix issues and each company is responsible for making trucking better, not just our company.”

–Brian Matthews VP of Operations, American Central Transport

“The greatest benefit of WorkHound for Marten Transport is about identifying a real issue for our drivers and fixing it so they’ll stay. This is how we can find a micro win that results in a macro change in our company’s turnover and policy.”

–Lars Offerdahl Director of Recruiting, Marten Transport

“If any company is looking for a way to better understand what’s going on with their drivers, to hear the voice of their drivers, WorkHound is the best option that I’ve found out there. They’ve provided us the insight and the tools to be able to improve the driver experience at USA Truck and for that we’ll tell everybody it’s a great product.”

-Nick Wakefield VP of HR, Driver Recruiting & Retention

Discover what an engaged, motivated team of frontline workers can do for your company.

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