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Retain Your Top Talent

Employee recruitment, retention, satisfaction and productivity are some of the most important factors affecting your bottom line. Yet most companies only focus on recruitment instead of retaining the talent you already have. There’s a better way with WorkHound. Learn how WorkHound works with these industries to improve employee retention, satisfaction and productivity:

Be a leader of the pack in addressing driver retention.

In a nationwide driver shortage, turnover happens fast. A driver can be happy on Monday, fed up on Tuesday, and they’ve found a completely new company by Friday.

We’re here to help.

Let your drivers speak their mind anonymously to uncover and resolve their issues at the speed of business.

Learn how to address your drivers’ issues in real-time

They say the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Straightening out your frontline could mean serious business changes, but anonymous feedback will help you pinpoint the right place to start.

Don’t let information get sanitized between the frontlines and your decision makers or wait until an exit interview to understand what went wrong.

Get to the bottom of your workers’ needs with feedback in real-time.

Learn what’s on the mind of your frontline workforce

When health is the priority, make sure the health of your workforce is at the forefront.

Preventative check-ups on your staff can prevent triage later on. Early issue detection can help you understand what your healthcare workers need so you can prioritize where to improve your operations.

With WorkHound you can get real-time insights from your frontlines and proactively address their issues.

Check the pulse of your healthcare staff. Start addressing their needs today.

Failure to address worker retention can crush your bottom line.

Annual frontline worker turnover rates exceed 50% across the nation.

Frontline worker turnover is an epidemic for all business.

Replacing a worker and lost productivity can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Constant recruitment isn’t the solution to retention problems.

The churn of workers zaps your resources and hits your budget hard.

That’s why there’s WorkHound.

How It Works

WorkHound Infographic
  • Your frontline workers submit feedback, praise, problems, and ideas with you through their smartphones.
  • We distill that data daily into actionable, ready-to-use insights that help manage and retain frontline workers.
  • Your frontline workers feel empowered, knowing that their feedback is acknowledged, and you get the bottom-line benefit of a thriving, motivated team.


When your frontline workers have the ability to give feedback, you’ll see results. But don’t take our word for it.

“WorkHound gives drivers who would normally remain silent a voice in the company. Through WorkHound we’ve been able to get suggestions, likes and dislikes from the ‘driver seat’. We have been able to make changes and identify the challenges our drivers face everyday.”

–Terri Lafayette Southern Refrigerated Transport

“The greatest benefit of WorkHound for Marten Transport is about identifying a real issue for our drivers and fixing it so they’ll stay. This is how we can find a micro win that results in a macro change in our company’s turnover and policy.”

–Lars Offerdahl Marten Transport

“WorkHound has allowed us to see UPT through the perspective of the drivers. We work closely with the WorkHound team to produce valuable content and open the lines of communication from the drivers to operations.”

-Holly Forsyth United Petroleum Transports

Discover what an engaged, motivated team of frontline workers can do for your company.

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