To run effectively and productively, every business needs insights into finance, operations, and people. Most modern companies have a steady pulse on financials and operations, but when it comes to people, there is typically far less hard data. WorkHound is changing that.

Prioritizing The
Employee Experience

In the same way leaders need deep insights into the company’s financials and productivity KPIs to avoid disruptions, they also need a constant pulse-check on the workforce. As labor relations feel the strain of shifting markets, it’s more important than ever that companies understand the employee experience and address issues that are complicating it.

From Whispers
to Wildfires

While leaders often assume company culture is in good shape, without data, they can’t really know. Often, there can be a mounting restlessness that grows more powerful behind the scenes. If you’re not actively listening to what employees have to say, small problems turn into big ones, gaining energy like a wildfire.

Get Ahead of
Employee Issues

The silver lining is that most factors that are driving worker dissatisfaction are addressable. The key lies in listening to the voices within your workforce. Genuine, open dialogue brings issues into the open, giving managers an opportunity to intervene and solve problems, preventing escalation and bridging the divide between leadership teams and the frontline.

Avoid Workplace Disruptions
With Anonymous Engagement

WorkHound allows employees to voice concerns and offer anonymous feedback, empowering businesses to build trust throughout their teams with real-time engagement. With the comfort of anonymity, employees offer honest, accurate insights into their experiences. This creates less guesswork, helping leaders make informed decisions that support their workers and create better, higher-functioning workplaces focused on the employer-employee relationship.

Capture Nuclear Insights
From Your Employees

Sometimes, turnover rates and summary data don’t deliver enough context into the real issues of the workplace. With WorkHound, leaders can drill down to individual comments, capturing nuclear insights directly from the workforce that help leaders read between the lines and get a full picture of what’s going on. With machine-learning tech in the mix to spotlight specific keywords, WorkHound provides a constant real-time pulse check on the workforce, so you can understand what’s going well, what could go better, and what needs immediate attention.

Empower Employee Voices.
Improve Employee Relations.

By prioritizing employee well-being and engagement, leaders support productivity and profitability, while also directly supporting workers, showing them their voices are heard and valued. WorkHound helps companies improve employee relations, ensure their workforces feel empowered, and build healthy, high-functioning workplaces.

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