Retail operations require comprehensive processes that work across every stage of employment, from frontline delivery staff to warehousing and logistics to the sales associate and point of sale. Communicating across the continuum of business is easier and more effective with the help of WorkHound.

Real-Time Retail
Workforce Insight

WorkHound provides powerful real-time insights into workforce dynamics and their impact on the performance of your retail business. With it, retailers capture honest, anonymous feedback directly from the workforce, helping employers live up to their values and positively shape company culture. 

Improve Employee
Communication in Retail

Improve employee engagement with real-time insights into operational performance and worker sentiments. With WorkHound, you can learn more about the worker perspective, engage deeper on worker issues, and better support your employees, all of which support healthy worker retention rates.

Transparency in
Retail Operations

Track KPIs and get feedback directly from employees, so you can prioritize initiatives and continually improve company culture. Gain transparency across your retail business and monitor performance in real time, gaining the insights you need to make data-driven decisions, spot trends, and intervene when necessary to improve workforce dynamics.

Deeper Engagement
for Retail Organizations

Ultimately, WorkHound helps retailers improve communications and engage deeper with workers across the entire organization, helping positively shape company culture and improve workforce dynamics for your distributed workers.

Collect anonymous feedback from retail workers in real-time

Resolve workplace issues faster and retain more employees

Gauge employee satisfaction with frequent check-ins

Identify workplace problems before they escalate

Shape culture by understanding workers' perspectives

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