How It Works

  • Capture Feedback

    Unlike other anonymous feedback tools, WorkHound prompts workers to share honest feedback about their work experience, capturing key data directly from the workforce.

  • Prioritize With Insights

    Leadership teams can review and respond to feedback as it is shared, leveraging data-driven insights to best support your frontline workers.

  • Create Impactful Communication

    Keep your workers informed and engaged by sharing plans to resolve raised issues, and let them know how their feedback supports the company.

Why Anonymous Feedback Matters

Who Uses WorkHound to Collect Anonymous Feedback

A healthy company culture creates healthy retention rates. The key to success is having a workforce where all team members are in place to manage a consistent, healthy feedback loop.

Executive Sponsor

Responsible for Setting Objectives

  • Sets objectives for the quarter
  • Checks progress at quarterly reviews


Responsible for Communications

  • Meets weekly with a dedicated WorkHound CSM
  • Reviews data and trends weekly
  • Edits broadcast messages to drivers

Dashboard Users

Responsible for Taking Actions

  • Reviews worker comments daily
  • Resolves worker issues
  • Coach managers based on feedback

Real Feedback Collected On WorkHound

With WorkHound, organizations around the country are leaning into engagement and building fundamentally healthier workplaces.

5-Star Rating

“The driver dispatch relationship is the best I’ve ever been apart of ... I feel like this company has the drivers interest at heart and just not the bottom line at the expense of the drivers”

5-Star Rating

“I like the things the company does to show appreciation for its drivers.For example,the multiple raises they have given me all the years I've been employed here,their matching 401K program,the management telling us how appreciated we are and our value to the company.”

5-Star Rating

“I had an issue that had me feeling very discouraged and upset. I expressed it here in WorkHound and received a call within 2 days. There was no hostility, no one seemed upset with me and my issue was resolved. I am very grateful for working in an amazing company!”


Reveal Requests:
Maintaining a Human Touch

When employees provide negative feedback on the WorkHound platform that may require clarity or further discussion, managers can send a “reach out” to the employee who has shared that feedback with a reveal request. Employees get a notification explaining that someone in leadership would like to help and discuss their concerns, and the worker can accept or deny the request to reveal their identity to talk further. In our experience, approximately 40% of employees choose to accept these requests, indicating a significant level of trust and openness facilitated by our anonymous feedback platform.

One-Time Messages:
Creating a Culture of Communication

This feature offers a seamless way to maintain dialogue with your team while fully respecting their anonymity. Ideal for situations where direct feedback can address a concern, express gratitude, or even encourage further direct communication without necessitating identity disclosure. Whether you’re aiming to resolve an issue based on anonymous employee feedback, show appreciation for valuable insights, or foster a closer connection with a team member who has opted against a reveal, the OTM functionality stands out as a versatile solution within our anonymous feedback platform.

WorkHound Chat:
Anonymized 2-Way Communication

This 2-way messaging tool allows managers to chat with workers to resolve issues anonymously and communicate in real-time. When a manager starts a chat, the worker receives a new text message from a local 10-digit number. The first message will always state that it is from WorkHound and that your organization wants to chat. Workers can anonymously reply as many times as needed until a resolution is achieved and the message is closed.

Company Broadcasts:
Completing the Feedback Loop

Together with your dedicated WorkHound Customer Success Manager, you’ll craft a weekly tailored response to your workforce about the impact of their feedback and the actions the company is taking as a result. This powerful addition to your routine completes the critical feedback loop.

High Quality Referrals

In addition to collecting worker feedback, WorkHound supports recruiting. When WorkHound users indicate they are having a great day (score of 8, 9, or 10), they are encouraged to refer others to join your company, capitalizing on the momentum of positive feedback.

Once submitted, a referral is logged in the WorkHound dashboard where leads can be sent to the recruiting staff. If a new employee is hired, the referring employee should receive the recruiting bonus your company offers.

The Management Experience

WorkHound is equipped with a suite of features tailored to support managers effectively. From dashboard metrics that provide a snapshot understanding of your organization to custom themes for in-depth categorization and analysis of feedback, WorkHound ensures you have the tools needed to engage comprehensively with employee insights.

These features are designed to make the feedback collection process through anonymous surveys and tools as efficient and insightful as possible, enabling a deeper connection with your team members.

  • Worker Feedback
  • Trends Data
  • Usage Reports
  • Management Dashboard
  • Actionable Insights
  • Intervention Tools
  • Feedback Loop
  • High-Quality Referrals

This holistic approach ensures that anonymous feedback leads to meaningful organizational improvements and employee engagement, fostering a culture of honest feedback and recognition.

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