Recapping 2018 Driver Feedback Trends

WorkHound, a real-time driver feedback software platform, equips drivers with the ability to share anonymous feedback with the carrier they work with. WorkHound then provides tools and analytics for companies to act on the feedback.

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3 benefits of anonymous employee feedback

Your employees are your company's eyes and ears. They see challenges and opportunities firsthand. As a business owner or manager, you want to gain insights from their observations and make data-driven decisions that improve operations and build your business. Here are three ways anonymous employee feedback can benefit your company.

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Professional Drivers are Thankful in 2018. Here’s Why:

This Thanksgiving week, we’re excited to highlight a preview of the good, and there are literally truckloads beyond these messages. Each one was copied directly from the WorkHound dashboard, typos and all. (Remember, they’ve sent this feedback via mobile phone.)

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