A User’s Guide to Getting a Feedback Program Up & Running

When you implement a new process or procedure, it’s important to be thoughtful about putting it into place. Missteps can lead to a longer than necessary ramp-up period, or cause the program to fall totally flat.

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Stevens Trucking

Heroes of the Hound: Stevens Trucking

What’s allowed Stevens Trucking to survive — and thrive — for more than 40 years? According to Cole Stevens, VP of Sales for Stevens Trucking, the company’s culture of trust has a lot to do with it.

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Man standing in front of trucks

How Employee Feedback Can Help Uncover Gaps in Training

Employees who feel empowered to ask questions and raise concerns can help identify problems before they become more serious, allowing for additional training.

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Helping Employees Avoid Burnout in the High-Stress Warehouse Setting

Americans are more stressed than ever before, and they’re experiencing work-related burnout in higher numbers as well. That’s largely due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the amplified worries that people have experienced over their work, their families, and their health and well-being.

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Truck driver standing in front of trucks

The Great Resignation: How to Beat the Odds & Boost Retention

The workplace is facing a dynamic of worker movement never seen before. Workers are leaving jobs for new jobs and even new careers. Is this dynamic presenting a new problem for the trucking industry, or is it simply the same old issue?

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truck driving on road with workhound logo in lower right corner

The Top 5 Tips Carriers Have for Using WorkHound

When we ask our customers a series of questions about their experience with a feedback program, we always save the best question for last: “What best practices for using WorkHound would you share with others?”

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