Engage and retain your most valuable workers by fostering a healthy workplace environment. In tough labor markets, it’s more important than ever to lean into your business culture. WorkHound helps companies engage and retain their workforces, improving communications by closing the feedback loop.

How WorkHound Works for Frontline Workers

  • Weekly Check-ins

    Checking in on a regular basis, WorkHound sends a text message to frontline workers asking for honest, anonymous feedback about their work experience.

  • Real-Time Insights

    Leadership teams review real-time answers and can respond to feedback in real-time as well, supporting workers and giving them a voice.

  • For the Frontline

    Frontline workers are typically deskless. WorkHound helps leaders show the frontline workforce how they’re being supported — no matter where they complete their work.

  • 2-Way Anonymous Chat

    Need more info? Talk it through over an anonymous text message, where managers and workers can chat via text until the problem is resolved.

Workplace Challenges for
Frontline Workers

​​From high-pressure environments to demanding schedules, the typical workday for a frontline worker is anything but typical. These specialized workers stand at the forefront of operations and customer service, with jobs that are regularly impacted by factors like fuel prices, global economic conditions, and more. On top of this, most frontline workers don’t work from headquarters, creating a disconnect between them and company culture.

Unleash the Power of
Real-Time Feedback

Stay connected with your frontline employees and capture real-time insights on employee satisfaction — directly from the workforce. Gain a deeper understanding of their needs and concerns, solve problems before they escalate, and create a supportive environment that fosters loyalty, engagement, and business success.

Driving Open Communication with Anonymous Communication

Bridge the gap between management and the frontline workforce with WorkHound’s anonymous feedback platform. By creating a safe space for honest communication, leaders gain authentic perspectives, allowing for proactive problem-solving, and creating a culture built upon trust. Companies can request a worker to reveal their identity, but it is up to the worker to decide. If they’d rather remain anonymous, you can both continue the discussions anonymously using WorkHound’s Two-way Chat feature.

Improving Retention &
Worker Satisfaction

Transform your workplace dynamics with data-driven insights captured directly from workers themselves. WorkHound equips you with actionable information on a regular basis, helping management teams uncover trends in different working environments, improving employee satisfaction and retention, and ultimately fostering a positive work culture.

Engaging & Retaining the Frontline Workforce With Better Communication

WorkHound’s smart platform provides a healthy feedback loop that supports the workforce by supplying real-time feedback to leadership teams from the worker’s perspective.

Collect anonymous, real-time feedback from the frontline workforce

Improve communication between management and frontline workers

Address specific worker concerns and boost retention rates

Gain direct insight into worker satisfaction with real worker perspectives

Uncover workplace issues and solve problems before they escalate

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