With WorkHound’s employee communication and engagement platform, frontline organizations open two-way dialogues between management and employees that happen in real time, creating a healthier company culture where issues can be solved when they occur.

Improve Employee

WorkHound is designed with employees in mind. Creating a safe space for real-time anonymous sharing, WorkHound allows the workforce to raise issues about their workplace or work experience without fear of judgment or reprisal. This, in turn, gives management teams an opportunity to solve issues effectively while they’re still top of mind.

Boost Employee

WorkHound is a robust employee engagement solution that helps management teams build a strong connection between the organization and its employees. With a platform for open, anonymous dialogue, companies build a culture of trust, boosting morale and productivity with engagement.

Create a Powerful Employee
Feedback Loop

WorkHound gives you a real-time snapshot of what your team is thinking and how they’re feeling. Using this feedback, you can spot problems and fix them. But the magic really happens when you report back to your team about the changes you’ve made based on their feedback. Whether you engage individually or organization-wide, your response shows that you value their input, and creates a sense of contribution and ownership within teams.


Unlike company surveys, WorkHound doesn’t just capture feedback, it allows you to engage with it and act on it right away. Easily share updates, news, and important information with your entire team at once with WorkHound’s broadcast message feature. It’s a quick and efficient way to keep everyone in the loop, ensuring transparency and building trust within your organization.

Deeper Engagement, Transformative Results

WorkHound is more than just a platform. It’s a new pathway toward a more engaged and satisfied workforce. See the difference effective employee communication and engagement can make in your organization.

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