Streamlining Retention For Frontline Industries

With WorkHound, frontline organizations can gather, analyze and address employee feedback in real-time, helping them better understand the employee experience and resolve issues to retain workers — even in industries where turnover is notoriously high. WorkHound’s innovative platform not only improves morale and retention but also supports operations, boosting the overall efficiency of essential industries.

Capture Real-Time Feedback

Prompt frontline workers to share honest, anonymous feedback about their work experience with a simple format that takes minutes to answer

Use Actionable Insights

Review feedback as it is shared and leverage data-driven insights to decide how to best support your frontline workforce with meaningful change

Create Impactful Communication

Keep your workers informed and engaged by sharing plans to resolve raised issues, and let them know how their feedback supports the company

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Industries We Serve

Trucking Employee Retention

Trucking is a critical component of the global economy, but it is also an industry plagued by inefficiencies. WorkHound helps trucking organizations address these issues by giving truckers a voice, and, in turn, giving companies an opportunity to facilitate meaningful change.

Logistics Employee Retention

In logistics, efficiency is a product of a high-functioning workforce. WorkHound helps logistics companies engage with employees and empower them to be a positive force of change within the organization, leading to less turnover and happier, more productive workers.

Manufacturing Employee Retention

When retention rates creep up, everything else slows down, costing manufacturers both time and money. WorkHound helps you listen to what your employees really need, solving issues in real time, and dramatically improving employee retention rates.

Warehousing Employee Retention

Warehouse training can take 2 to 3 months per employee. With turnover rates as high as 25%, a quarter of warehouse employees may be in training at any given time. WorkHound reduces turnover with communication and real-time insights that help companies better support their workforces.

Retail Employee Retention

WorkHound empowers retail operations by streamlining communication and improving employee engagement. It offers real-time insights into workforce dynamics, enabling employers to understand worker perspectives, address issues, and foster a positive company culture, ultimately leading to improved worker retention rates.

WorkHound is revolutionizing the frontline worker experience by providing a powerful solution for employee engagement and worker retention. Contact us today for a free custom demo.

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