Fueling energy needs around the world, the oil and gas industry is a massive presence in the global economy that also presents inherent challenges for safety, employee well-being, and worker turnover. WorkHound delivers key business insights that help oil and gas companies improve these aspects of the workplace while simultaneously fostering a culture of engagement and productivity.

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and Safety

According to Gallup, highly engaged workplaces can claim 70% fewer safety incidents compared to those with less engaged workforces. With workplaces fraught with physical hazards, oil and gas employers should lean into engagement, seizing opportunities for connection, sowing seeds of trust, and ensuring all workers are actively involved in safe practices.

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Building Better
Management Teams

According to research by McKinsey, most workers today have smaller networks, fewer opportunities and less trust in leadership than they once did. When leaders work to earn workers’ trust, engagement rises along with worker satisfaction, leading to improved productivity and happier employees. Serving as a confidential channel for workers to voice their concerns and feedback, WorkHound helps leaders engage with workers on a regular basis, building a healthy workplace culture based on trust and human connection.

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Driving Honesty With
Anonymous Communication

WorkHound promotes ongoing candid communication between employees and management with the help of anonymity, keeping channels open and fluid. While some WorkHound customers are initially worried about negative feedback they may get, in our experience, most worker feedback presents specific problem-solving scenarios, granting leaders a unique opportunity to step in and fix an issue, while simultaneously building trust and creating a culture that values worker input and a healthy workplace environment.

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Financial Benefits of an
Engaged Workforce

An engaged workforce not only improves safety and worker satisfaction but also has a direct positive impact on a company’s bottom line. According to Gallup, highly engaged workforces are also 14% more productive. These engaged workers are also more satisfied in their jobs, leading to 43% less turnover, which saves significant costs on recruitment and training. Engagement also translates to a 10% improvement in customer ratings, helping boost both sales and profitability by 18% and 23%, respectively. With WorkHound, oil and gas companies are unlocking the power of engagement and improving business across the board.

Proven Results for Safer, More Productive Workplaces

The frontline workforce is the heartbeat of the energy sector. WorkHound empowers these crucial employees, helping leaders build a healthy company culture that drives business.

WorkHound’s platform delivers:

Collect real-time anonymous feedback from your entire team

Gain actionable insights into employee satisfaction and safety

Identify potential issues before they escalate

Improve communication between management and field workers

Increase retention rates by addressing specific workforce concerns

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