The success of any warehousing operation depends on the efficiency and productivity of its workforce. And one critical component to ensuring that your team is performing at its best is a direct line of communication between management and frontline workers. That’s where WorkHound comes in.

Frontline Feedback

WorkHound provides a platform for real-time, anonymous feedback from frontline workers. Companies can gain valuable insights into what’s working well and what areas need improvement, while workers are empowered to share their experiences in an anonymous, fast and easy way.

Common Challenges
in Warehousing

Annual warehouse turnover rates average about 43%, and the cost to replace a single warehouse worker is estimated to be 25% of that worker’s salary. On a 100-person team, it’s easy to see how costs escalate. Even when companies can hire quickly, that still means many workers are in training at any given time — and training often takes up to months or more. This makes efficiency a constant uphill battle and strains the workforce, stretching long-time workers thin and pushing new hires to their limits.

WorkHound for
Warehousing Companies

From distribution centers to cold storage to pick, pack, and ship operations, the warehousing industry relies on a chain of workers to get things done. WorkHound supports them all, providing clear and steady communication from the workforce to management. Our customers use the feedback they collect in many ways to support the workforce, which in turn, improves overall operations, reduces turnover rates, and boosts profitability.

WorkHound for
Warehousing Workers

The supply chain is full of shifting dynamics, and as a key component of it, warehouse work can be stressful. One key to limiting stressful work conditions is providing a safe and efficient work environment that supports workers and gives them a voice. WorkHound does just that, empowering workers to get engaged with a simple question format, in which they can answer anonymously via text.

Engagement and Retention
In Warehousing

WorkHound’s smart platform provides a healthy feedback loop that supports the workforce by supplying real-time feedback to leadership teams from the worker’s perspective.

Collect anonymous feedback from your entire warehouse workforce in real-time

Improve communication between management and frontline workers

Increase retention rates by addressing specific worker concerns

Gain insight into worker satisfaction

Identify potential issues before they become major problems

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