Struggling with high turnover rates? Keep employees motivated, engaged, and loyal to your organization with WorkHound’s anonymous feedback and employee engagement platform designed to support employee retention and foster a healthier workplace culture.

Learn What Your Employees Really Want

Learn What Your
Employees Really Want

Understanding your employees is the first step toward retaining them. That’s why WorkHound captures meaningful feedback from the workforce in real-time. Get insights into their concerns, challenges, and ideas. Use the platform to communicate back — individually or to the organization as a whole — completing the feedback loop. WorkHound has a transformative effect, helping employers boost morale, improve job satisfaction, and ultimately, increase employee retention.

Don’t Miss the Moment

Don’t Miss
The Moment

Traditional employee feedback methods like surveys and pulse checks might offer some insights, and even surprise you with a few hidden issues. But by the time you get them, the moment’s over. Annual surveys are too slow and exit interviews are too late. Today’s modern workforce demands better. That’s why WorkHound operates in real-time, delivering workforce insights from the field that day, providing a clear snapshot view of how employees are doing and how you can help.

Anonymous Two-Way Communication

Anonymous Two-Way

Open and honest two-way communication is key to any successful relationship, including those within the workplace. WorkHound facilitates seamless communication between management and staff by offering an anonymous option, where employees can remain anonymous and still engage with the company. This gives all employees a voice, a chance to be heard, and an opportunity to raise problems instead of quitting over them.

Improve Your Workplace Culture

Improve Your
Workplace Culture

A positive workplace culture is a powerful factor in employee retention. WorkHound helps you build a culture of respect, recognition, and inclusivity. By addressing issues raised on WorkHound promptly and creating a safe space for sharing real workplace issues, you can create an environment where people are proud to go to work.

Keep Your Best Talent
On Board

WorkHound empowers employers to invest in their employees’ growth and development by way of engagement. The platform helps identify areas for improvement and opportunities for upskilling and training, providing a direct way to support your team members in their careers and ongoing work with your organization.

WorkHound in Action

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