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[WEBINAR] WorkHound Annual Trends Report: A Breakdown

Truck drivers play a vital role in the global supply chain, and their needs and concerns are constantly evolving. The WorkHound Annual Trends Report highlights the issues they are most concerned with, based on our analysis of nearly 100,000 comments from drivers across 109 carriers.

2023: Annual Trends Report

The WorkHound Annual Trends Report highlights the issues drivers are most concerned with, based on our analysis of nearly 100,000 comments from 32,600 truck drivers.

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2022: Pay Trends Report

In our 2021 Annual Trends Report, we assessed 62,800 comments from 21,100 drivers which showed that confusion around pay was the top reason drivers contemplated leaving their current company.

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Case Study: Averitt Express Turns Feedback Into Action

Averitt Express made a commitment to driver satisfaction that is the cornerstone of their partnership with WorkHound. Find out how they've turned feedback into action and achieved some of the highest retention rates in the industry.

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Case Study: S&H Express Uses Feedback To Enhance A Family Culture

Leveraging anonymous feedback using WorkHound has been a cornerstone to S&H Express strengthening relationships and building trust with drivers.

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The Guide to First Impressions

The earliest days of a first impression are critical for new employees. Are you putting your company's best foot forward in earning driver trust and loyalty from the start?

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Case Study: Venture Transport Uses Feedback to Improve Driver Experience

Venture Transport has successfully maintained a small-carrier culture even as it grew, find out how WorkHound helped them do it.

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Ask the Hound: Q&A Session with Stevens Trucking

We chat with Cole Stevens of Stevens Trucking about how to build a strong driver culture that fosters retention.

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Case Study: J&M Tank Lines Driver Retention

Find out what lead VP of Human Resource Development at J & M Tank Lines, Eric Hanson, to change his perception on the necessity of WorkHound.