24 Thank You Notes from Professional Drivers

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for the 100,000+ drivers and their employers who entrust anonymous communications with WorkHound. Today we’re excited to share the “thank you” notes.

While it’s the good, the bad, AND the ugly that impacts the nationwide driver shortage, skyrocketing turnover, and supply chain disruptions, today we’re sharing the top highlights of the good.

As you know from our latest webinar on praise feedback, we’re big fans of feel-good because it can also teach us about what’s going right for the work of our partners at trucking companies, but it also lets us know where it’s appropriate to double-down.

There are literally truckloads beyond these messages, but each of these “thank you notes” was copied directly from the WorkHound dashboard. But today we collected a handful of our favorite messages from drivers over the last year.

In the spirit of thanksgiving, we’re excited to share 24 thank you notes, anonyously shared by drivers in 2021:

1. “I have had horrible luck with my truck and a temp truck breaking down with the sensor problem. Everyone has bent over backwards to try and help and be supportive. Thanks everyone!”

2. “I’d like to sing high praises to my dispatcher. Without a doubt, the best in 28 years of truck driving. He’s smart, considerate, and the opposite of lazy. When I need a number or a strapping chart or whatever, he’s on it in seconds, not 20 min. Thank you for him!”

3. “I like the 24/7 support you provide and also I felt safe working with because when you say safety is important, you really mean it and I like that. Please keep up the good work. Thank you”

4. You guys have been a big help. I can recall at least twice wanting to just quit. You are making a difference.”

5. “I feel like things have improved greatly since we started using WorkHound. I constantly see positive changes. I appreciate you taking the time to help when I have questions.”

6. “Communication is an essential tool. I communicated my concerns and I’m elated that I did. They are ensuring my success as a professional driver. Great team work. I love this company.”

7. “I would like to give a special thanks to WorkHound, Robby, and Michael. I had a mileage discrepancy last week and if it wasn’t for WorkHound I would have ignored it and not have said anything. After I posted it on WorkHound, Robby and Mike fixed the problem promptly and got me paid for the miles. Thanks!!”

8. “I continue to see improvement in many areas since we got with WorkHound. I am treated better. The attitude and tone of voice I am spoken to continues to improve…. things keep moving more towards a team attitude instead of a more aggressive pushy attitude. I am very impressed and happy with the changes I continue to see happening.”

9. “It’s been a rough trip. What would have been a quick California and back in 6 days has turned into a nightmare. From being delayed at a customer, to that causing me to be late for my delivery, then rescheduling for 2 days later, to now being broke down and in a hotel. Thankfully dispatch and the shop has been helpful and not causing more stress. I love being able to use WorkHound to communicate things.”

10. “This platform is giving drivers a chance to be heard. I feel that management is listening. I sense real progress being made. Thank you and Merry Christmas.”

11. “I was very ecstatic to see my idea for the hooks in the bathroom was implemented. I have gone ahead and purchased a bathroom scale that I’ll be leaving behind next time I’m at the yard. Thank you for taking the time to listen to us drivers even if it was a small task.”

12. “I am still a big fan of WorkHound. I think it makes a difference.”

13. “I’m impressed my company cares enough to use WorkHound to get input from employees and responds to the feedback.” 

14. “I appreciate y’all having a way to communicate what we drivers need.”

15. “I think WorkHound has made a difference in attitude at my company. I think it increases communication and helps get things done. I started seeing a difference in the attitude of those above me about 2 weeks before I got the first WorkHound message. I have continued to see gradual positive changes since then. I am enjoying working at this company more and more.”

16. “I wanna give thanks to WorkHound for getting the employees here to give feedback. I really don’t know anyone from the company but I would personally like to talk to someone if you have the time.”

17. “I really think WorkHound is good for our company.”

18. “Love the WorkHound idea. I’m sure it helps. I’ll be happy voicing my opinion with my name on it… You guys are great, a few bumps, but seem to pull through. Maybe you have a few other drivers like me that like the “daytime” hours? Would love to work in the office during the day.”

19. “The sun is shining, it’s warm. I have a stable job with a great company. Having WorkHound shows me that my company truly cares about these drivers and they are striving to fix any problems we have. Life is good.” 

20. “I am glad there is a WorkHound meeting to address issues. It feels good to know someone other than my awesome boss is paying attention to my issues. He can’t fix everything even though he tries.”

21. “I have been treated much better since we started WorkHound. I don’t have to fight and argue to get home. If I have a doctor’s appointment and I schedule it for a day or so after I get home to make sure there is no conflict I no longer have trouble getting home for my doctor’s appointment and getting run me in a day or two late and hour or two before my doc appointment. No problems now. So I am healthier. I have lost weight. I feel better. The lack of stress from now not arguing is wonderful. I have been enjoying my job so much more.”

22. “I just love the people who I have a privilege to work with. This is another thing I love about this company. Asking us what we think and how we feel. In 25 years of driving, I have never been appreciated so much. Thank you!”

23. “The transparency of the leadership and having the WorkHound call absolutely defines how far we’ve come as an organization. Becoming a company where Senior Director level leadership shows transparency and proves they listen and read employee feedback, and engaging in change for the people. This is what will keep me at my company for as long as they’ll have me.

24. “The feedback has been great on here.”

Thank you for being part of the WorkHound community and taking the time to raise driver voices for the betterment of your business and the trucking industry.

We’re facing the wildest time the supply chain has ever experienced, and we’re grateful to see that we’re all in this together with you. If you’re looking for additional ways to boost a positive retention culture at your company, check out the WorkHound Burnout Guide to learn how to take care of your drivers when the going gets tough.

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