Via Startup Nation – 5 Reasons Why It’s Imperative to Immerse Yourself Into Your Target Industry

WorkHound CEO, Max Farrell, shared the reasons why an immersive experience was important for WorkHound to tackle target industries.

For Farrell that meant going where the rubber meets the road and for research, he joined truck drivers by sleeping in truck cabs, eating road food, and showering at truck stops.

Max on the road with Turntable Trucker

When it came time to pitch WorkHound to key decision makers, Farrell and his team not only brought a bold vision for tackling critical nationwide turnover, but also concrete evidence from the front lines of the industry.

Immersion was an important launch pad for WorkHound’s expertise in the trucking industry and Farrell shared five reasons why with Startup Nation.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the blog:

“Reason #1: Provable credibility

A ground-level understanding of front-line transactions provides tremendous value and color to the data generated by those transactions. It is one thing to see a dip in revenue on a computer screen, and quite another to see a frustrated driver trying to correct an error on a shipping manifest.

Arming yourself with real stories from the real people at work signals that you are committed to a deep understanding of their business and won’t settle for generalizations.”

For more on why immersive learning continues to work for WorkHound, check out Farrell’s complete blog on

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