How to Recognize Driver Burnout Warning Signs

Would you recognize the signs of burnout in your drivers? Because you can’t see drivers on a daily basis, keeping tabs on their well-being can be more difficult. But having a good understanding of burnout and its symptoms is a step in the right direction.

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show drivers you're thankful

How to Show Drivers You’re Thankful

Thanksgiving may mark the start of the holiday season, but it also serves as an important reminder of sorts — gratitude is a key component of a strong company culture. How can you show drivers you're thankful for their work this year?

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What Drivers Are Saying About Uniforms

It’s a question we get every so often from trucking companies: “What do drivers think about uniforms?” But while looking for an answer might be on the minds of company execs, it’s interesting to note that in many cases, it’s not a hot topic for drivers, unless it specifically is, say, in times of extreme summer heat.

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exit interview

Exit Interviews: Intention vs. Reality

Exit interviews seem like a good idea for businesses. You have an employee who’s leaving your organization, so why not gather information from him or her about what works and what doesn’t? While that’s perfectly understandable, the reality around exit interviews doesn't line up.

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annual surveys are dead

Is the Annual Survey Dead?

Is an annual survey the best way to get feedback? In most circumstances, the answer is “no,” at least not without a companion tool for employees to leave regular feedback. Changing workplace dynamics and the fast-paced nature of work and daily life mean you need a surveying mechanism that captures more frequent feedback and keeps a real-time pulse on worker needs. 

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q3 product updates

Q3 2020 // Product Release Recap – Full Text Search

Product feature updates are continuing to pick up speed for WorkHound customers, prospects, and internal users to provide faster and more effective service. The primary focus of WorkHound is to raise the voice of the dispersed workforce. Our goal is to collect and deliver worker feedback in a way that helps companies quickly take action. Updates in Q3 further accomplish that vision.

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Truck Driver Retention Strategies

The Top 5 Truck Driver Retention Best Practices for 2020

While technology focused on collecting data on truck drivers has been all the rage, drivers themselves are revolting against Big Brother-esque technology (think dash-cams and ELDs) that provide scarce - if any - value to the drivers themselves while providing a ton of data to their employers. In 2020, trucking companies looking to gain an edge must zig where everyone else is zagging by placing a profound emphasis on truck driver retention.

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How to Turn Every Hire into a “Quality Hire”

Are there really “high-quality” and “low-quality” workers? While you will definitely find that some employees set themselves apart from others, we believe there is value in treating all drivers as high-quality. Read on as we explain why.

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