two happy truckers having a healthy work life balance

The Connection Between Feedback & Work/Life Balance

The trucking industry will face a 160,000 driver shortage by the year 2030 when more and more drivers are leaving their companies in search of a better work life balance. As leaders, offering a way for your drivers to share their thoughts and feelings can make them more likely to stick around.

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Happy women in trucking

Listening to the Voices of Women in Trucking

According to a report from FreightWaves, around 47 percent of the trucking industry workforce is female. This means that if you’re truly trying to understand what your employees need and want, you need to ensure you’re capturing an accurate representation that includes the women in your ranks.

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happy man saying thank you

Saying Thank You Benefits Your Drivers — and You

Expressing gratitude is a key component of a strong company culture. Learn how to create a culture of gratitude in your business by simply giving thanks to your drivers.

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Keep It Simple: The Basics of Communicating Effectively

Strong communication can make a business; weak communication can break it. Effective communication doesn't have to be complicated, and it comes down to creating a steady flow of two-way interaction between both listening and responding.

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How to Use a Feedback Program to Navigate Change in the Warehouse Environment

There are a multitude of benefits to implementing a feedback program, but perhaps one of the most understated advantages is its ability to help you navigate change in the least disruptive manner possible.

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Goodbye, Assumptions. Hello, Fact-Based Action.

Time wasted on assumptions may lead to lost drivers, increased turnover, and higher costs associated with hiring and training new employees. Learn why asking your frontline workers for their feedback is a simple solution to a costly problem.

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leadership buy-in

From the Top Down: Why Leadership Buy-in Is Key

Leadership buy-in is an essential cornerstone to a successful feedback program. Executives need to understand why you're seeking feedback, how it benefits the company, and why it's essential to act on feedback in order for impactful changes to happen within your business.

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making a positive impression

Making a Positive Impression When a Driver Joins Your Team

When you're competing with other carriers to hire and retain drivers, there's no doubt that first impressions are crucial during the hiring process. Make sure you start off on the right foot by making the onboarding experience matter.

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negative feedback

Spreading the Good News: Not All Feedback Is Negative

When implementing a feedback program, it's a common misconception that all comments received will be negative. In fact, 29 percent of the 62,800 pieces of feedback received in 2021 was positive in nature. Learn how large carriers and small carriers alike use feedback to maintain and amplify a positive company culture.

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drivers talking

Your Drivers Are Talking About You — Use It to Your Advantage

The trucking industry is a people business. As part of this, your drivers are inevitably talking about you. Stay ahead of the rumor mill with tips to help get drivers to spread the positive word about your business.

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