retaining warehouse workers

Retaining Warehouse Workers Isn’t Just About Pay

While workers want to be paid well for the work they do, it's not the only determining factor when it comes to retention. As workplaces evolve, it's essential now more than ever to really understand what the modern-day worker is looking for if you want to keep them around and reduce turnover.

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employee benefits

Offering a Feedback Program Is an Employee Benefit. So Spread the Word!

Today's employees are looking at various company benefits before accepting a job. Like health insurance and pay, a feedback program is a valuable employee benefit that offers drivers a voice to feel valued and respected. But how can you sell the benefit to potential hires?

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warehouse workers

Are You Really Listening to Your Warehouse Workers?

Truly listening to your employees can make a real difference in whether your business runs smoothly or not –– it can help build trust, improve employee satisfaction and increase retention. Implement active listening in your feedback program and see how small changes can make a very big impact.

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driver training feedback

What Drivers Have to Say About Training & Why It Matters

Recent data shows that drivers who offer critical feedback related to training are 50% more likely to leave a company than those who don’t. Using that feedback to your benefit can help combat turnover and pave the way for impactful company-wide changes.

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Inc 5000 list 2022

WorkHound Makes 2022 Inc. 5000!

The Inc. 5000 is the most prestigious ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America, and WorkHound's spot on the list is a testament to our commitment to our clients and the determination of our team.

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warehouse feedback anonymity

Why Anonymity Matters When It Comes to Warehouse Feedback

Anonymous feedback provides a multitude of benefits –– from enhancing trust to giving a voice to employees who would otherwise be overshadowed –– and there are a number of reasons why anonymity can help reveal important insights for your business.

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first impression hiring

You Only Get One First Impression With Drivers, So Make It Count

When it comes to hiring and retention, first impressions can make a big impact on whether a prospective driver chooses to work for your company –– and whether they decide to stick around. Nail your first impression and build trust with potential hires from the very start to reduce preventable turnover.

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preventing driver turnover with smiling man

Disrupting Turnover: How to Identify Your “At-Risk” Drivers

Improving retention rates in the trucking industry comes down to being able to preemptively identify drivers who are at risk of leaving your company. Learn how a robust feedback culture and swift action can help you stay ahead of potential turnover.

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A User’s Guide to Getting a Feedback Program Up & Running

When you implement a new process or procedure, it’s important to be thoughtful about putting it into place. Missteps can lead to a longer than necessary ramp-up period, or cause the program to fall totally flat.

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Stevens Trucking

Heroes of the Hound: Stevens Trucking

What’s allowed Stevens Trucking to survive — and thrive — for more than 40 years? According to Cole Stevens, VP of Sales for Stevens Trucking, the company’s culture of trust has a lot to do with it.

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