unusual feedback

Why Unusual Feedback Can Yield Wins for Trucking Companies

While there are driver feedback categories that crop up repeatedly, such as issues related to pay or questions about equipment maintenance, we also get a good deal of feedback that falls outside of those parameters. And really, it’s that “unusual” feedback that gets to the heart of why having a feedback mechanism in place is so important.

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Heroes of the Hound: Storey Trucking Company

When you visit the homepage on Storey Trucking’s website, the company’s philosophy is immediately front and center. The carrier prides itself on being “The Human Side of Trucking.”

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why truck driver shortage

Why is There a Truck Driver Shortage?

There are a lot of reasons for the driver shortage. In this post, we’ll discuss why the driver shortage is happening and what trucking companies can do about it.

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culture of work for truck drivers

The Culture of Work for Truck Drivers Is Changing

In the past, the amount of time a car sat in the parking lot was often intricately tied to his or her value. Employees and employers alike saw long hours on the job as a badge of pride, a sign that they were dedicated and worthy of respect.

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Making Professional Driver Jobs More Attractive

How to Make Professional Driver Jobs More Attractive

If you had to use one word to describe the state of work in the United States in 2020 and early 2021, what would you say? For us, it would be “change.” 

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ata driver turnover

What ATA Says About Driver Turnover

The ATA driver turnover report encourages carriers to address current and future driver turnover problems by resolving any driver recruitment and retention issues they are facing. Learn why it's necessary to act now on the industry-wide issue.

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fort transfer truck

Fort Transfer Improves Retention with Full-Fleet Communications

Recently, Casey Lehman, Director of Recruiting and Retention at Fort Transfer, had a call with a driver who he never hears from, and lately, this seems to be an ongoing trend.  Learn how Fort Transfer is using driver feedback to improve engagement with all drivers.

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instant driver feedback

When Instant Driver Feedback Saves the Day — and What Would Happen Without It

When we talk about instant driver feedback, we most often talk about the benefits of gathering feedback from professional drivers, both for trucking carriers and for the drivers themselves. But have you ever stopped to consider the reverse — what would happen if some pieces of critical feedback weren’t shared?

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driver mental health

Trucking Companies Can Do Something about Driver Mental Health

There’s no doubt about it: Professional drivers face some challenging and stressful circumstances, both of which impact driver mental health. Most days, they’re on the road, battling traffic, handling complex safety issues, and, in many cases, going it alone. 

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driver turnover

What You Need to Know About Driver Turnover

Trucking companies can learn a lot from driver turnover. It plays a significant role in the driver recruiting process. The data collected about your annual driver turnover can help you determine exactly what type of driver you are interested in hiring. It can also help you step back and analyze what parts of your company you should improve to retain drivers longer.

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