Product Feature Announcement: Custom Themes

We know that feedback for your company is unique from every other company. There is no "silver bullet" to retention or culture, and while the standard WorkHound themes have covered a great deal of the success you've achieved, there's always an opportunity to go deeper with your data. Today's product update will help you do just that. 

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challenges in trucking

How Feedback Can Solve Challenges in Trucking

Wouldn’t it be nice if work (and, let’s be honest, life in general) were seamless and simple at all times? Trust us, we know that the trucking industry, in particular, is rife with challenges, especially in the current environment. 

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retention resolution

The Ultimate Guide to Your 2022 Retention Resolution

As we kick off 2022, let’s talk about setting a retention resolution. There's a ton of value in setting your sights on an improved company culture this year, and honestly, if that's not in your plan, why not? In 2022, we’re challenging the industries we serve to prioritize employee retention in setting their New Years’ Resolution --- it's good for your company, your people, and the industry as a whole.

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happy holidays

Wrapping Up 2021 & Looking Ahead to 2022

A lot of the same challenges from 2020 continued in 2021 for the world. We’re still in a pandemic. The supply chain has more friction points than any of us can remember in recent history. But the world is still moving forward — the economy is moving fast and people expect goods right away.

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melton truck

Heroes of the Hound: Melton Truck Lines

But with years of collecting driver feedback under our belt at WorkHound, we know that’s simply not true. While driver insights aren’t always positive, there’s a good bit of praise mixed in. That’s something that Matthew Kennedy, Employee Experience Manager for Melton Truck Lines, knows to be true. Kennedy recently joined us for a webinar about shining a light on happy drivers and why that’s so important.

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The Best of 2021 – WorkHound Customer Case Studies

Over the years, we’ve helped dozens of companies achieve success in revolutionizing company culture and standing out above the rest for new and current employees and we capture their measurable success in a case study.

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Adjusting to the Feedback Culture: The User’s Guide You Need

Your trucking carrier has decided to take the leap in 2022, moving from soliciting feedback in biannual surveys to operating a continuous program to improve your company's feedback culture. But now what?

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Hometime for the Holidays…

It’s crazy to think about, but the holiday season is here again. While it seems like only yesterday that 2021 got underway, the calendar is quickly flipping toward 2022. And that means we're all thinking about hometime for the holidays.

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