Recapping What the Drivers Said in 2017

In early December 2017 the WorkHound founders presented a recap of trends found in WorkHound feedback over the course of the year. The presentation included the discovery of the top four themes of feedback on WorkHound in 2017: people, equipment, logistics, and pay.

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busy season

Busy Season Is Coming: Improve Driver Retention Through The Rush

The trucking busy season is coming. Your company is probably already working on recruiting the extra drivers that will be needed as the holiday season approaches. But once those drivers are on board, what is your company doing to make sure they stay as long as they are needed? Can your fleet be confident that it will be able to handle the extra volume right through the busy season?

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The “7 Strike Rule” To Improve Driver Retention

How can you identify drivers who might be at risk of leaving? We created the “7 Strikes Rule” to help fleets quantify things that might cause drivers to leave a position with a fleet. Think of this as somewhere in the middle between: “three strikes and you’re out” or “a cat has nine lives”.

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Debating Reactive vs. Proactive Driver Retention Strategies

When it comes to driver retention, trucking companies are always in a dilemma. Do we keep putting out fires or do we take the necessary steps to prevent fires from happening? This article discusses the pros and cons of each side.

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Engaging Expedited Drivers: 4 Key Things to Know

If you’re looking to engage your expedited drivers, consider these unique traits.

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