Attracting Young New Drivers

Attracting young new talent is challenging in any industry, but trucking faces unique circumstances that complicate the task even more. The work is demanding and requires at least some time on the road, making it a tall ask for young drivers, especially those with new families. But there are also plenty of upsides to the industry and lots of opportunities for carriers to build a culture that is welcoming and attractive to young drivers. 

From simplifying the path to employment to paying fair wages to creating a healthy work culture, there are lots of ways trucking companies can positively position themselves as employers. Here are a few ways competitive carriers are improving their recruitment strategies. 

Spotlighting the Flexibility and Other Perks

While there are unique demands in trucking, there are also unique perks that should be given the spotlight. “Work-life balance” is a key factor (and keyword) for younger workers. Remote work has been on the rise for a decade or more, and the pandemic accelerated everything, making it a differentiator among employers and a highly sought-after perk. Trucking gives young drivers a career in remote work, not to mention an opportunity to travel and maintain some autonomy over schedules. Spotlight these perks and help new drivers see the unique benefits of a career in trucking. 

Build Competitive Compensation With Benefits+ 

While industry perks of the job are important, those you offer as a company are even more so. Companies must offer a comprehensive benefits package and attractive compensation if they want to hire the best candidates. But more than this, they need to explore benefits that are truly beneficial to the worker. Our founder Max Farrell calls it “benefits +,” and the idea is to go beyond the basics. Consider the dynamics of the job and look for opportunities to improve it, supporting call-ahead parking, for example, or providing financial incentives such as sign-on bonuses and employee referral programs.

Meet New Drivers Where They Are 

Younger generations are digital natives and are more likely to be active on social media. Leverage these platforms through organic and marketing content, sharing company updates, driver stories, recruiting ads and more. Create campaigns and build a strong employer brand that keeps your company relevant and top of mind.  With a positive reputation leading the way, your company is primed to be a top choice employer. 

Streamline Applications 

Streamline recruitment by simplifying the application process. With special licensure and training required, the path to becoming a professional driver is not the simplest one. Improve it where you can, making investments when and where possible. Consider making your application mobile-friendly, build and maintain frequently asked questions, and give HR or hiring managers the resources they need to recruit and retain great talent. 

Build a Positive and Healthy Culture

While a great reputation can get new hires in the door, it’s your culture that will keep them. Younger drivers are more likely to work for a company whose values align with their own. Create a healthy company culture that pays off that reputation, promoting teamwork and respect. With a platform like WorkHound, you can create a healthy communication loop that relies on listening and cultivates actionable feedback right from the workforce — giving employers valuable insights from the field and giving workers a voice. This constant communication builds trust between the company and its workforce, naturally creating a company culture that attracts the best talent.  

Ultimately, understanding the needs and values of younger candidates can help you cater to them in a way that attracts and retains the best talent in the industry. To learn how WorkHound can support these goals and more, contact us for a free demo

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