Driver Lists are the Key to Accurate Metrics

Driver lists — they’re a pretty basic tool, but vitally important nonetheless. When you’re operating a trucking company, having a comprehensive list of your drivers and their contact information is essential. An up-to-date list not only expedites the process of locating necessary information when you need it, but it also helps us communicate with your drivers.

When you partner with WorkHound to obtain in-the-moment feedback, having an updated list becomes doubly important. Read on as we take a look at three ways an updated list optimizes your partnership with WorkHound.

1. Updated Driver Lists Help Ensure We’re Reaching the Right People
This is probably the most obvious way that an updated list benefits your business. When you’re partnering with WorkHound, you want to be certain you’re reaching out to the right people.

“Sometimes companies have a hard time keeping their lists updated,” says Katherine Vanderford, Director of Customer Success at WorkHound. “But that means that we’re sometimes contacting drivers who are no longer even with the company. If the list isn’t up-to-date, companies may receive feedback from people who are no longer driving, and it may have already been resolved or no longer be relevant.”

(We know what you’re thinking — the answer is yes, WorkHound can help manage this issue. Keep reading to find out about our list maintenance support.)

2. Updated Driver Lists Help You Take Quick Action
This benefit of maintaining a current driver list goes hand-in-hand with WorkHound reaching out to the right people. Because we’re seeking feedback from current team members only, we’re able to help you narrow the scope of the feedback you’re receiving and determine where to focus your attention.

“WorkHound gives companies access to vital real-time information and concerns from drivers,” Vanderford says. “That means securing feedback from drivers in real-time — which gives companies the chance to intervene quickly.”

3. Updated Driver Lists Help You Measure & Prove ROI
Metrics play a key role in every facet of trucking — and we understand that a feedback tool like WorkHound is no different. When partnering with our team, you want to be able to see that gaining feedback from drivers and acting on it is having a tangible effect on driver retention. Maintaining a current list helps you see that ROI over time.

“We have a tool on the dashboard that allows companies to ask a driver to reveal his or her identity,” Vanderford says. “At the moment the driver reveals, we start a timer that marks how long the driver stays with the company after the company engages with him or her about feedback. For example, if a driver reveals his or her identity on April 1 and is still with the company on May 1, that’s counted as a success. The driver gave the company at least 30 days after the reveal based on that interaction.”

With that in mind, an up-to-date list enables the WorkHound team to help companies track ROI and determine how much of an impact the service is making on retention rates.

How WorkHound Can Assist with Driver List Maintenance
While keeping an updated driver list may seem like a small task to those who don’t operate in the trucking world, we understand that high turnover can lead to inaccurate databases. To remedy that, we built a capability into the WorkHound platform that automates the process.

“We have the ability to set up an automation to maintain accuracy for each customer’s metrics,” Vanderford says. “With small front office teams and other challenges to handle, many companies forget about updating a driver list until they’re dealing with the frustrations of an outdated one. With this tool, we’re able to keep companies from having to expend a great deal of time and effort to maintain a list, while still making this crucial asset a priority.”

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