Gain a Competitive Edge in Truckload Bidding: Premium Service and Employee Insights

It’s bid season again, the time of year when trucking companies, 3PLs, and shippers come together to negotiate contracts, rates, and service agreements for the fiscal period ahead. The competition is always fierce, but in a year when rates have been compressed nearly to the limit, it’s more essential than ever to stand out from the crowd.

Today’s carriers must differentiate themselves in an intensely challenging market where competitive rates are table stakes. So what else are you bringing to the table?

2024 Bid Season Themes

Here is what we’re hearing from industry leaders about the key priorities for this season.

  • Premium Service

Almost universally, there is a heightened emphasis on a high level of service. Companies are looking for partners who can promise consistency, timeliness, and responsiveness. With rates bottoming out everywhere, there has to be clear value beyond just price.

  • Reliability

Is the company stable? As dynamic market fluctuations and unforeseen challenges continue to rock the boat for many businesses, shippers want partners who can guarantee smooth operations regardless of external pressures. They want to work with companies who bring peace of mind amid the chaos.

  • Security

Cyberattacks and ransomware unfortunately grow more sophisticated by the day. Having safeguards in place signals to partners that you take security seriously.

  • Disruption-Free Experiences

Once engaged, shippers need consistency. Disruptions and delays can upend production, customer relationships and more. They need partners who understand this requirement, and prioritize it accordingly.

How WorkHound Elevates Service With Employee Insights

Ongoing workforce issues can significantly impact delivery timelines, security, and the quality of service. Knowing this, shippers prioritize relationships with providers who have insights into their workforce, and are thus able to deliver more consistent service. They want to know how carriers are listening to their workforces, and what they’re doing to actively prevent service disruptions.

With WorkHound, leaders collect invaluable feedback from their employees about their experiences, not only within the company, but also at specific facilities. This creates an environment of continuous improvement and also showcases a commitment to the partnership.

In a volatile market where value must be proven, companies using WorkHound signal that they are proactive, constantly striving to improve their workforce and the services they provide. With ongoing real-time workforce insights, WorkHound becomes a compelling element of the pitch during bid season, allowing companies to offer more than just competitive rates, and present themselves as partners invested in mutual growth and betterment.

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