Guiding Drivers to Safety Amidst Civil Unrest

Communicating Safety

As carriers across the country deal with the effects of the global pandemic, focus has recently divided to also understand how to guide drivers to safety during nationwide protests. WorkHound supports Black Americans in their fight for racial justice, and the rights of all Americans to make their voices heard. We also understand that this can create operational and safety challenges for frontline workers. We are committed to helping you provide those workers with safety resources during this time. 

News about how professional drivers and freight have been affected: 

Resources to Guide Drivers to Safety:

  • Civil Unrest: Carrier Best Practices When Protests and Riots Interrupt Business As Usual – DriverReach and NTCI Webinar
  • Here’s what drivers should do when encountering a protest on highway – Click Orlando
  • A template to guide your strategy via the Trucking Association of New York: 
    • Plan for road closures.
    • Remain in continuous communication with the delivery location to stay on top of the most current and timely conditions.
    • Plan ahead to park in a safe location outside the area and secure the truck.
    • Drivers should keep their company posted and updated as they travel on both their situation and the conditions of the roadway for other drivers.
    • Carriers should know where drivers are at all times.
    • What the driver is observing may be different than what a dispatcher is seeing on a computer screen. Communication is key.
    • Drivers and carriers should utilize all technology available to them.

Updates from State Associations: 

Navigating Tough Conversations


This is an ongoing situation. WorkHound will stay on top of conditions to guide drivers to safety and will update this list of resources as new information is available. 

If you are with a company interested in understanding how to improve your company’s culture and ability to communicate with drivers, let us know here.

If you are media with interest in seeking specific information as it relates to driver feedback, please contact:

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