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WorkHound Customer Q&A: Barney Trucking

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, WorkHound has committed to continuing to build transparency with customers about top-of-mind issues among drivers. During these times, it’s more important than ever to strategically overcome communication barriers between drivers and their company, and Barney Trucking, based in Salina, Utah, has committed to the cause by taking action on daily anonymous feedback. 

WorkHound CS Manager, Melissa Harrison, and Barney Trucking HR Manager, Kelly Crofts, meet weekly to discuss driver feedback and opportunities to take action. In this Q&A session, Crofts graciously shared insights about Barney Trucking’s communication strategy during COVID-19 and beyond. Read on to learn more:

WorkHound: What’s the role of WorkHound in your organization? 

Kelly Crofts: WorkHound is a sounding board for Barney Trucking drivers. There is quite a bit of talk among the drivers about WorkHound’s involvement and they are glad to have a way to raise their voice (about important issues). WorkHound is an important tool for Barney Trucking HR to see what’s going on with the company so they can address issues head-on.

WH: During the COVID-19 crisis, how has driver feedback helped? 

KC: It’s easy to get focused on what’s going on in our own world and forget about what the drivers are facing. Barney Trucking does a great job taking a step back and really digging into the feedback. It helps us stay focused on the big picture, which is the drivers. If you went to the office in Barney Trucking and asked upper management who they work for, we would say “We work for the drivers.”

WH: Has your office staff been working from home? If so, how has the team managed driver communications?

KC: Right now, about 25-30% of Barney Trucking is working from home, but our escalation plan hasn’t changed. Some driver managers are working from home and the drivers have great communication with them. I continue to send driver feedback to the terminal managers and I make sure they are addressing the issues.

WH: What kind of changes has your organization made during this time? 

KC: Right now, doors are locked and we’ve communicated with drivers that if they need something to call ahead and we will let them in or we’ll gladly help as best as we can without them being required to walk in the building. We’ve also switched to online orientation instead of having them all come to Salina. We are using Microsoft teams for this effort and it’s required some quick fine-tuning, but it’s working.

In addition to online orientation, we are also practicing social distancing, as well as online interviews with new drivers. Pre-employment drug screenings have all been relocated to clinics, and we’ve locked down doors to main offices.

WH: Do you anticipate any of those changes to be permanent? 

KC: We are considering keeping orientation online due to the time and cost savings. 

WH: What has been the most resourceful tool for you through WorkHound?

KC: My favorite part is reading the feedback and looking at the themes. I also really enjoy being able to have conversations with the drivers that reveal because it feels good to help them. I honestly wish more would reveal, but I send all the comments to the managers no matter what. Our managers always tell drivers they appreciate them for sending in feedback.

Barney Trucking is among a community of carriers who utilize continuous and anonymous driver feedback to help understand areas of priority and praise for their essential workforce. To understand ways your carrier could benefit from regular feedback, reach out to WorkHound to talk with an expert.

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