Navigating the Holidays: The Strains on Truck Drivers and the Road Ahead


It’s astonishing how swiftly the holiday season has returned. While it feels like just yesterday that 2023 began, we’re now rapidly approaching 2024. As we find ourselves immersed in the holiday spirit, thoughts naturally turn to the desire for home time during this festive season.

The holidays, for many, bring a flurry of activities. Factor in the usual responsibilities of daily life, and then pile on tasks like gift shopping, planning seasonal gatherings, and contemplating personal resolutions or business goals for the coming year.

This period can be stressful for anyone, and for professional drivers, it often comes with its own set of unique challenges.

The encouraging news, however, is that trucking carriers can proactively anticipate these challenges and assist drivers in navigating them successfully. Here’s a glimpse into how your company can prepare for the holiday season.

Navigating the Holiday Highways

The truck driver’s role is inherently stressful throughout the year, characterized by mental health challenges exacerbated by lengthy, solitary journeys and limited time with loved ones. Now, envision this solitude intensifying during the holiday season, traditionally a time for shared joy and connection—a reality often faced by drivers.

The festive period introduces an extra layer of stress. In a typical year, drivers contend with the task of navigating from point A to point B amid heightened demand for resources, coupled with the challenges of increased holiday traffic. Roads become busier, and impatience towards truck drivers, leading to potential cut-offs, compounds the pressure, exacerbated by unpredictable weather conditions.

This year, these stressors are amplified, given the heightened pressure on drivers to meet delivery demands. As the nation grapples with supply chain disruptions and growing discontent from businesses and consumers over delays, the strain inevitably affects the well-being of the drivers themselves.

Loneliness and seasonal affective disorder are not uncommon among truck drivers, further adding to the stress and strain on a group already grappling with burnout.

How Carriers Can Fulfill Drivers’ Needs During the Holidays

What do your drivers yearn for from their employers during this season? The resounding answer: home time.

Acknowledging that one of the significant mental health challenges for drivers stems from being away from their loved ones, granting them a reprieve from the road to spend time with their families holds immeasurable value.

As we sift through the feedback streaming into WorkHound, it’s impossible to overlook the increasing volume of requests for home time from drivers—not necessarily confined to Christmas Day but spanning any period during the holiday season. They express gratitude for the moments of home time and disappointment when promised breaks fail to materialize.

Recognizing that scheduling time off for drivers poses logistical challenges, it’s crucial to proactively demonstrate attentiveness to their needs and take timely action.

Initiate efforts early to explore opportunities to bring drivers home. While achieving this on the actual holidays may prove challenging, seek alternative times to make it happen. Early planning is key, as some companies inform drivers only a few days in advance, complicating their ability to plan.

Moreover, trucking companies should express appreciation for drivers in various ways during this season. Acknowledge the demanding and monotonous nature of the job, but emphasize that their contributions are valued, making life on the road more manageable.

For some companies, demonstrating appreciation might involve a year-end bonus, while others can make a meaningful impact by providing drivers with a holiday ham or turkey—a small yet cherished gesture.

However, the most significant action a company can take is investing time in ensuring their drivers are okay. Actively communicate with drivers regularly, beyond addressing needs or fixing issues. Weekly check-ins, focused on positive affirmations of their contributions to the company, convey genuine appreciation for their efforts.

Ensuring effective communication with your drivers becomes even more crucial during the holiday season. The heightened stress of the holidays contributes to increased burnout among drivers. Discover effective strategies for supporting your drivers with the Burnout Guide.


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