How to Amplify the Silent Majority

Let’s just assume you’ve been on a “Zoom” call in the last year (who hasn’t?). Odds are, the answer is yes — so you’re likely familiar with what we like to call “conference call chaos.”

When multiple people are on a conference call, there’s a lot of time spent accidentally talking over one another — and in some cases, louder folks tend to make up the majority of the conversation. Those who aren’t quite as bold may not be able to get a word in edgewise. 

Now consider this: This same concept can be applied to how you gather input from professional drivers and employees at your trucking company, unless you’re using a technique that amplifies the silent majority.

There are many different ways of seeking feedback from your drivers and other team members. But depending on how you’re asking for feedback and the way you gather it, louder voices may overshadow the quieter ones. 

Feedback from only the loudest voices leads to an incomplete picture of how your drivers are doing and what they want and need. You may hear from some drivers, but you aren’t getting the whole story.

This is where a feedback mechanism like WorkHound can be invaluable.

“Offering an anonymous feedback tool can help companies understand what drivers want and need — and not just from the loudest voices who will speak up,” says Max Farrell, CEO & Co-Founder at WorkHound. “We want companies to hear from the ‘silent majority.’ This is the group of drivers who, because of their disengagement from other feedback platforms, is at the highest risk of leaving. Anonymous feedback enhances equity and helps drivers feel heard and seen.”

Why It’s Important to Hear All the Voices
Diversity and equity are a common conversation topic in the workplace today, but much of the focus is on recruiting practices. One often overlooked component? Listening to — and truly hearing — a diverse group of team members for retention practices.

When we talk about quiet voices above, we don’t always mean softer voices that are harder to hear, though that’s certainly a concern. “Quiet voices” incorporates anyone whose voice has been historically unheard in traditional work settings. That includes those who are often outshouted, including women, those in the LGBTQ+ population, and minority populations.

“We’ve seen companies start committee meetings where drivers can speak up, and while that’s a really great thing, we know that can’t be the only way drivers can give feedback,” Farrell says. “It doesn’t provide an equitable way of providing feedback. Those who sit on a council tend to be the louder voices, and they don’t necessarily have the input needed to share what all drivers are experiencing.”

To truly offer an equitable workplace for your team of drivers, where you’re meeting their needs and wants, you need to hear all of their voices. That’s why it’s essential to offer them a safe place to offer feedback.

The WorkHound Difference
So, what makes a tool like WorkHound effective when it comes to capturing a more accurate and comprehensive viewpoint from your drivers? Anonymity plays a big role.

“Because it’s anonymous, WorkHound offers a level playing field for sharing feedback,” Farrell says. “There are drivers who might be hesitant to speak up in person or around others. This tool can allow those who might not be confident enough to share otherwise to speak up because there’s lower risk. They can be bold because they’re protected by anonymity.”

There’s an added value to that anonymity: Eventually, it encourages those anonymous voices to attach their name to their feedback.

“Once drivers start to speak up, we find that they generally feel more comfortable revealing their identities later on,” Farrell adds. “They use anonymous feedback as an experiment and feel more comfortable speaking up after they’ve tested the waters a little bit.”

Ready to amplify the quiet voices in your company with a feedback program? Sign up for a free demo to learn how WorkHound can help!

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