How to Improve Retention

improve retention

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to improving retention. While driver pay is very important, communication is the key to developing a company-specific strategy to retain your drivers. Here are some ways you can use effective communication to improve retention. 

Create open feedback channels

Not all drivers may be keen to talk to managers on important issues. Creating and maintaining open feedback channels is the first step to improving communication within your company. 

Some simple ways to do this are to set up systems like regular feedback technology, performance reviews, employee newsletters, check-in meetings, calls, social media groups. Remember that the objectives of creating feedback channels are to listen and learn. 

Besides reviews, regularly administering an open-ended survey is important to improve retention. Be sure to inform drivers about the reason for the communication and the possible impact their responses could have. This will encourage honest and detailed feedback, especially when you take quick action and give credit to your drivers for their insights. 

This level of open communication can make drivers feel like actual partners and not just employees. Putting these systems in place would deal with issues as they arise and improve employee satisfaction when such issues are addressed. 

Prioritizing peer input 

By now, it is clear that creating open communication channels will help build a sense of belonging for drivers. A step further in this would be to prioritize peer input. Drivers know what will improve their experience while working with your company, so prioritizing peer input is an important factor to improving driver retention.

Take clear actions based on feedback

It is crucial to incorporate driver feedback into your planning processes and systems. Requesting feedback from drivers through surveys and reviews but making no changes is one way to lose trust and incite disloyalty. 

Once you’ve received insights, turn them into actionable steps and openly communicate on the changes that the feedback received will result in. 

Celebrate driver performance

Drivers who feel appreciated and respected are more likely to stay. Setting milestones and providing rewards when they are met is important to improving retention. Programs like ‘driver of the month’ and social media features will build a sense of belonging which will increase loyalty. 

Also, whenever positive customer reviews are given, be sure these reviews reach your drivers. Building a good company culture of driver appreciation is an important step to improving retention. 

Finally, just listen!

If you are having difficulty retaining your drivers, then it might be that you’re not listening. Improving driver intention is as simple as putting open feedback channels in place and taking action based on the feedback you receive. WorkHound can help you turn driver feedback into actionable insights to move your company forward.

If you’re ready to learn about what your drivers aren’t communicating with you, give us a call. We’re ready to dig into the feedback drivers want to share in order for you to improve retention.


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