It’s Time to Celebrate What Your Company Is Doing Well

When you’re operating a business, it can become all too easy to look for ways to improve and fix what’s broken. But are you taking time to celebrate the things your company is doing right? 

There are benefits of looking for the positives — and you can often spot them in the feedback your drivers are providing! 

Where should you be looking to uncover this good news? And what should you do with the info once you find it? We’re filling you in below.

Seeking Positive Feedback

It’s an absolute truth that every business can improve in some way. Looking for ways to streamline operations, lower costs, improve efficiencies, and make the workplace experience more satisfactory for employees can ensure your company stays ahead of the game. Continual improvement drives success, after all.

But it’s also worth paying attention to the things you’re already doing well. When you look for the components of your company that are running efficiently, you will often find takeaway messages or approaches that can be applied in other aspects of your business.

Take employee praise for example: Say that you received repeated WorkHound feedback from your drivers about the new process for requesting home time. By digging into what you changed about those policies and specifically what your employees are praising, you may find that you can make similar changes to other policies, particularly those related to time spent off the road, including time for medical appointments and the time needed for truck maintenance.

Beyond taking a deep dive into driver feedback, you can also uncover successes in other ways. If you do a quarterly or annual review of your processes, take time to document what’s working well, in addition to noting areas in need of improvement. When you chat with vendors or customers, listen carefully to their thoughts about how and why your business relationship with them is successful.

While it’s a natural inclination to seek out improvements, it’s worth paying equal attention to successes. And when you spot them, share them!

Shining a Light on Positive Feedback

If you’ve ever sat through a company meeting where the focus was on all sorts of problems that were occurring, you’re all too familiar with how bummed out that can make you feel. Even for those who didn’t play an active role in creating the problems, a negative mood and mindset can permeate the room — or the video session, in today’s modern world. 

Things will go wrong in a workplace, but always focusing on the negatives and never highlighting the positives can reduce employee morale and increase employee turnover. You need to find ways to counterbalance the negative. When you find areas in which your company is excelling, take the time to shout them out! 

If a driver shares positive feedback about a dispatcher, at a minimum, be sure that feedback is relayed to the dispatcher. With the permission of the person sharing the feedback, you can also share that compliment on a companywide basis, including it in your next weekly broadcast.

When a customer shares a compliment about how efficiently your company operates, be sure that feedback gets back to the drivers who literally make sure the freight moves from one point to another. And let that compliment do double duty — with the customer’s permission, use a designed version of that quote on your social media accounts. You could also have the customer expand on that feedback and turn the information into a white paper or blog to share with potential customers and potential employees.

The bottom line? There’s a lot of good going on behind the scenes and in the day-to-day interactions your employees have with each other and with customers. Spreading the word can shine a positive light on your company and on the people doing the work. That’s a win-win! 

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