Looking Back on a Milestone Year— And Ahead to 2020

CEO Max Farrell at Work

Max Farrell, Co-Founder and CEO

2019 was a milestone year for us, for a few different reasons.

December serves the opportunity each year to reflect on what the past 12 months have brought WorkHound while looking ahead at what the next year has in store.

We added new customers, and that’s always rewarding. It’s been exciting to see companies change their culture because they are listening to the voice of frontline workers— and they’ve really seen remarkable results. Companies have reduced employee turnover by 30 percent in 2019 and saved thousands of dollars because of driver retention.

Our customer growth allowed us to do a couple of different things. First, it helped us raise $1.5 million in seed round funding that we announced in June. We have investors who believe in giving a voice to frontline workers and who gave us the green light to put some gas on the fire.

As a result of the fundraising, we’ve been able to grow our team in ways that we’ve wanted to since we started the company. We’ve expanded across the board, adding members to our software development, customer success, and growth teams.

We also took home some awards.

We were honored as the Chattanooga Startup of the Year, which was really empowering, given that we expanded to Chattanooga in 2016 and have committed to staying involved in the entrepreneurial community here.

We also won the Best in Show award at FreightWaves LIVE Chicago for our demo of the WorkHound product. This was validation that what we’re building is resonating with a broad audience.

All About the Team

The success we’ve seen in 2019 would not have been possible without the WorkHound team.

From the day we started the company, my co-founder Andrew Kirpalani and I always wanted to work with people who have hustle and heart. The ideal team would not only do the work, but they would also make the work better. I can confidently say that our team has delivered on that goal.

They’ve surprised us by solving problems in ways we would never have imagined and closing deals we would never have thought possible. Our team makes it a pleasure to roll up our sleeves with them and go to work every day.

Looking Ahead to 2020

As we move forward, we’re going to continue to grow our presence in the supply chain space. We have a strong presence with the trucking industry, and we continue to gain interest from other parts of the supply chain — like warehousing and technicians that support the industry.

We’re also starting to look at other verticals that have high-turnover workforces, like healthcare.

Because we grew our team in this milestone year, we will also be able to add exciting new features to the product itself — to fulfill product bucket list items for both customers and the WorkHound team. In 2020, you can expect WorkHound to continuously evolve.

Giving Thanks

The only appropriate way of closing out this piece — and signing off for 2019, really — is to give thanks.

We’re incredibly thankful. I’m thankful for every worker who uses WorkHound, for every customer who gives us a shot, for every person on our team who takes the company to new levels, and for investors who are betting on our team.

We’re hiring, so if you’re interested in joining this ride with us, visit our jobs page and see what’s available. Or message us and see what you might be able to bring to the table. We’re always looking for great people to join our team in the next milestone year ahead.

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