Measuring Worker Retention ROI with WorkHound

When we speak with companies around the country, we always get asked the same question: “How does WorkHound measure success?”

Today WorkHound released the most powerful metric to date. We’re very excited to deliver “Workers Retained 30 Days After Reveal.” This metric shows your successful retention opportunities via WorkHound.

Here’s how it works:
After a worker leaves an anonymous comment, you can request that the worker reveal their identity for a one-on-one conversation. This is an opportunity to understand additional information or intervene when a worker is displeased. Once the worker chooses to reveal their identity a clock starts. If that worker is still with your company 30 days later, that interaction is counted as a successful retention opportunity.

Plain and simple: the action you took in connecting with this driver helped keep them at your company an additional 30 days!

Consider what one day of lost productivity costs your company. Then multiply that by 30. And then go one step further by multiplying 30 days by the number of times you’ve retained these drivers. Your efforts are driving a huge value for your company.

The New Metric
With the addition of the ability to track this new metric, users can routinely monitor this number by logging into the dashboard where a recently added tile stays up-to-date on all workers. The Usage Page, where all user-controlled metrics are located, is where this number can be viewed in the most prominent position as this is the most powerful metric to date.

The Tile
This tile shows the current percentage of successful retention opportunities. It also shows the total number of successful retention opportunities. Think of each one of these as another 30 days of worker productivity!

Like the other tiles, this one shows your metrics at this current moment.

The Graph
This graph shows the percentage of workers retained for an additional 30 days over time. The goal line is set for 80 percent, and while we know this can be a high bar, this effort translates to increased productivity and reduced hiring burden. It makes both dollars and sense!

WorkHound has been head down and dedicated to fine-tuning these features and we’re excited to add them to the already comprehensive list of tools in the user experience.

Ready to take action on measuring your effort to retain workers? Contact our team to set up an intro conversation.

Thanks for riding with us!
-The WorkHound Team

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