WorkHound Launches Anonymous 2-Way Chat

WorkHound is excited to announce the addition of a brand-new feature! 2-way chat launches this week, supporting worker engagement and faster resolution for issues in the workplace. Our primary goal with this new feature was to expand the power of anonymous communication, helping companies engage deeper with workers with the help of real-time communication and anonymity. 

With 2-way chat, dashboard users can now chat with workers to get more information about an issue that is raised on the WorkHound platform, and it all happens through the convenience of a text message. Once the manager or other company stakeholder initiates the conversation, the worker receives a text informing them that someone from the company would like to chat — and ensuring their identity remains anonymous. Both parties can then stay in the 2-way chat until the issue is resolved. 

Benefits of Anonymous 2-Way Chat

This new feature helps companies better understand the feedback they receive, engaging deeper with workers to solve issues anonymously. Here are some of the benefits our customers are already seeing with this new powerful chat tool. 

  • Trust and Honesty: Knowing they can preserve their anonymity, workers are happy to engage with managers and other company stakeholders.
  • Diverse Feedback: Anonymity encourages sharing for all personality types by eliminating the fear of reprisal or embarrassment.
  • Boosted Engagement: Once you’re engaged in a chat, the anonymous conversation helps stimulate information sharing, leading to faster resolutions.

Getting Started with WorkHound and 2-Way Chat 

WorkHound continues to be the premiere feedback platform for today’s frontline workers and their employers. 2-way chat further supports our mission, providing a way for companies and their workers to resolve issues in real time, while still preserving worker anonymity. 

If you’re ready to do more with anonymity, 2-way chat is just the feature you need. 

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