Offering a Feedback Program Is an Employee Benefit. So Spread the Word!

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When you think about employee benefits, things like pay and insurance coverage probably come to mind. But the workforce is quickly evolving, and what worked in the past benefit-wise may not today. 

Employees today are looking for out-of-the-box approaches that make them feel valued and respected. An easy way to offer feedback fits the bill. 

How can you sell the benefit to potential hires? We’re filling in the details.

What Today’s Employees Value

Today’s workplace looks different than the workplace looked even three years ago. The COVID-19 pandemic and its varied effects on the workforce have led to changes across most industries.

The Great Resignation — perhaps more aptly called the Great Reassessment — led many employees across the workforce to reconsider whether their work was fulfilling and whether their working conditions were acceptable. Many people chose to leave the familiar comfort of a place of employment in search of greener pastures and employers who would value them as people and not simply as doers.

While the trucking industry is an outlier when it comes to some aspects of the “typical” workforce, trucking carriers are all too familiar with the challenges of employee turnover and sometimes mass resignations. Professional drivers will quickly make a move to a competitor if they feel that the carrier offers an advantage in terms of benefits or overall driver experience.

In this sense, drivers are looking for the same thing other employees in the Great Resignation are: They’re all looking to feel valued and respected for who they are and what they offer to a company. 

Why a Feedback Program Is an Employee Benefit

If employees are looking to feel respected for the value they bring to a company, it only makes sense that they want to have their voices heard by company leadership. Professional drivers may not have the daily opportunity to pop in and visit the company CEO in his office, but they want a parallel opportunity to provide their insights when and as needed.

An employee feedback program provides a mechanism to do exactly that. When your company offers a continuous feedback program like WorkHound, you’re providing your drivers and other employees with a way to offer real-time perspective about what’s happening and what they need. Their voices are being heard.

While it’s important to offer drivers multiple ways to communicate effectively with other employees and your leadership team, this type of real-time feedback tool offers an unparalleled opportunity to employees. They can reach out with in-the-moment questions, concerns, critiques, and praise related to whatever is occurring in their daily work, all from their fingertips.

Spreading the Word About a Feedback Tool

It is well-established that professional drivers want to be able to offer their perspective and thoughts about company processes, benefits, equipment, and other aspects of their work. Being able to do so allows them to have a voice in the company’s day-to-day operations — and in many cases help enact meaningful improvements — even though they aren’t in-house.

Having a feedback program, then, sets you apart from other trucking carriers. It is a benefit, and it should be promoted as one. Spread the word by:

  • Including a mention of a feedback tool, or specifically WorkHound, in your advertisements about open driver positions
  • Adding driver testimonials about their experience with the feedback program to your website, driver recruiting site, and social media pages
  • Encouraging drivers to share how the program works and how it benefits them with peers through their social media accounts, on driver networking pages, and in face-to-face interactions, such as at truck stops
  • Arming recruiters with information about how the feedback program works and tangible examples of how the program has resulted in changes that enhance the driver experience

Offering your professional drivers a meaningful way to offer feedback is a big benefit. Sign up for a free demo to learn how WorkHound can help.

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