Praise: A New Theme


An exciting result of the 2019 feedback trend analysis was the creation of a new comment theme. Historically, WorkHound comments have been categorized within 12 themes. As a discovery within the trends across thousands of comments, our researchers could see a common trendline across positive comments. These comments are different from other comments in some interesting ways.

Positive comments tend to be more about the general work experience. These comments are about the work as a whole, rather than specific items. Thus, positive comments often end up in the “uncategorized” theme, where they can get lost.

In fact, we found that over half of the comments in the “uncategorized” theme were these types of comments. Brief, positive, and often expressing gratitude and praise.

So, we are launching the “praise” theme, and this new theme will highlight positive comments.

We know companies are working hard to provide a good experience for all folks in the field, and it’s important that our customers understand how valued they are by both their drivers and WorkHound.

Digging Deep

The “praise” category was introduced after an extensive look into our “uncategorized” comments. Comments are labeled “uncategorized” when the subject matter does not fit the given themes. Often times uncategorized comments contain little actionable information, which can result in them being overlooked or generally given less attention than other themes.

However, nearly half of all positive comments were being designated uncategorized. On further inspection, it became apparent that though these comments don’t often include a lot of detail or otherwise actionable information, they do include an important message: Many drivers are happy with their job. Furthermore, they want their company to know.

word cloud of praise theme Praise is a theme where the sentiment is the message. In fact, it turns out that nearly 5% of all comments were messages from drivers wanting to express their “love” of their job or company, nearly 2,000 times in 2019 alone.

Comments now organized in the praise theme highlight opportunities to understand what’s working well and often these comments present shoutouts for people making a positive impact on the frontline.

Take a Look

We’re excited to see how organizing feedback in this way will influence positive decision-making. If you’d like to see how “Praise” feedback will affect the morale of your workforce, contact the WorkHound team.

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