Product Feature Announcement: Custom Themes

We know that feedback for your company is unique from every other company. There is no “silver bullet” to retention or culture, and while the standard WorkHound themes have covered a great deal of the success you’ve achieved, there’s always an opportunity to go deeper with your data. Today’s product update will help you do just that.

After diving deep into providing your best user experience and needs (We are a feedback company after all!), WorkHound is excited to announce the launch of custom themes on your Dashboard. You now have the ability to create a custom theme on a comment, simply click the + at the end of the themes list to add your own.

Custom themes can be removed by selecting the theme and choosing “delete.” While your Customer Success Manager will continue to support the standard WorkHound themes you’re used to, this new feature gives you the control to create and manage additional themes that are relevant to your company.

As always, it’s our priority to give you the tools to simplify the work you do and take action quickly. This new feature will help you achieve more for your frontline while helping you expedite the speed of change management for your company’s timeline.

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

  • We recommend continued use of the standard WorkHound themes and adding custom themes to track specific issues
  • Every comment must have at least one theme
  • Custom themes must be spelled the same each time
  • Custom themes should be one word
  • Custom themes cannot include symbols or numbers

If you have any questions at all, we hope you’ll lean on the WorkHound team to provide answers and help you take advantage of this new feature for your company’s retention strategy.

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