Q2 2020 // Product Release Recap

Q2 Product Recap

As the WorkHound team entered lockdown with the rest of the world, the product team checked off some pretty important updates for the customer experience and we’ll dive into those changes in this product release recap.

Q2 product feature updates expanded on big updates in Q1, like the new activity page as well as the addition of the new themes “praise” and “covid” to help customers stay on top of positive feedback and feedback related to the impact of the global pandemic. Q1 also brought on the ability for dashboard users to leave comments to communicate status updates to other users.

Q2 Featured Solutions

One-Time Notifications

In April, customers gained an additional way to resolve concerns for drivers with one-time notifications. Many of our customers have asked for a way to share information with their workers at any point in the process. Often they feel that a little extra information or some words of encouragement will resolve issues quickly. So we created One-Time Notification.


These will allow users to send a quick notification to a worker at any point in the process, whether or not they have revealed their identity. This can only be completed once per comment, and it’s a useful and instant way to share information if the worker comment is asking a question that can be answered quickly. 

If a worker has declined to reveal, this is also an opportunity to earn trust while sharing contact information in case they want to speak later on their own terms. Finally, using this feature to acknowledge positive feedback can be a powerful way to strengthen your relationship with that worker.

Improved Organization of Comments

The new-to-2020 Activity page also received updates in the way comments are filtered. As we continue to learn and understand how new features perform, we’ve made additional updates like adding new filters to see “Notified,” “Not Notified,” and Reachout status to organize comments in a way that allows users to see which comments might need action.  


Reachouts with No Response and Comment Resolution

Dashboard users also gained the ability to mark a pending reachout as “No Response” when they’ve decided enough time has passed and the worker might have chosen not to reveal their identity, but also chose not to respond to confirm. Marking the reachout as “No Response” allows the user to progress in the workflow and resolve the comment.



Security Updates

In 2019, WorkHound updated the password reset policy to improve security for all users. This was a preemptive measure to ensure safety and privacy for all user information. During a password reset, we originally allowed users to use the same password again. While the WorkHound platform has remained secure, we are always seeking ways to proactively improve security. Now this password reset will look at the last three passwords to make sure users aren’t reusing recent passwords that could potentially expose their information to vulnerability. 

Our Remote Workers Serving Your Remote Workers

For most organizations, Q2 2020 has been a time of great change. Many organizations are moving to a remote-working environment. While remote work has always been a significant part of the WorkHound culture, we’ve continued to invest in tools to help us collaborate more efficiently within our organization, and for current and future customers. 

Sustaining COVID-19 means that remote work is thriving. Working from home is a pandemic-driven change that is predicted to continue permanently. Because almost every workforce is now a distributed workforce, WorkHound is relevant across all parts of most organizations. As we’ve witnessed, current WorkHound customers are expanding from their frontline workers to now-remote office staff and gaining powerful insight into this new normal. 

If you aren’t yet gathering feedback from your newly distributed workforce, you may be missing critical information that can help your team adapt to new conditions. Give us a call when you’re ready, we’re here to help.

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