Recapping What the Drivers Said in 2017

In early December 2017 the WorkHound founders presented a recap of trends found in WorkHound feedback over the course of the year.

The presentation included the discovery of the top four themes of feedback on WorkHound in 2017: people, equipment, logistics, and pay.

You can download the presentation here.


Several media outlets provided continued analysis of the report:

Takeaways from Stifel’s investment team: Stifel – WorkHound: Call Recap

Transcript from the conference call between WorkHound and Stifel discussing the presentation: Stifel – WorkHound: Conference Call Transcript

Takeaways from Transport Topics: Top Driver Complaints: Rude Staff, Pay, Intrusive In-Cab Technology, Analysts Say

Takeaways from FreightWaves: Here’s what drivers are really talking about

Takeaways from American Trucker: What Truck Drivers Want

Takeaways from Fleet Owner: ATA: Driver turnover ticked up for large fleets in third quarter


Want to learn more about the driver trends across the trucking industry?

Download this presentation: “What the Drivers Said in 2017”

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